How to Build a Brand and Reach on Instagram? | Tips 2020

How to Build a Brand and Reach on Instagram? | Tips 2020

January 18, 2020 0 By Aumi Haqe


The presence of companies on Instagram is our daily bread. From a marketing point of view, it is so obvious that it requires no explanation. More and more brands are shifting their activities to a constantly developing portal – a portal that does not slow down when it comes to providing users with new forms of communication on the platform and functions in its individual sections. What can you do to succeed on Insta as a brand? Answer below.

Table of Contents

  1. Long term strategy
  2. Biography – Instagram business card
  3. Instagram – the cradle of beautiful photos
  4. Not only quantity but above all quality
  5. A light facilitate has not hurt any brands yet
  6. Call to Action
  7. Smile for a smile – this is how emoticons work
  8. #hashtag – Instagram must have!
  9. #English Polish – the power of Polish words
  10. Branded hashtag
  11. NA Markings
  12. Word for # good morning
  13. Plan and organize
  14. This time is a good time – publish at certain times
  15. Your brand’s activity as a measure of success
  16. Close relationships – Insta Stories
  17. Contacts ruling the world – influence marketing
  18. Organize competitions
  19. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – social media power!

In the thicket of friends – promoting on Instagram

A consistent brand image

Long term strategy

Take your time to upload random content. Your brand profile must have a thoughtful strategy that you will implement and continue for a long time. Later there will be no room for changes or crossing to the other side of the barricade. Develop a distinctive style that will make your brand stand out in terms of both photos and content.
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Biography – Instagram business card

It’s only 150 characters with spaces that you should use to the full:

  • First: add the full company name. Thanks to this, your followers will be sure who they are watching.
  • Second: a description of the activity. Identify exactly what your brand does. Be specific to fit within the limit.
  • BIO is also an ideal place for a link directing the user to your website. Remember to put it in a short version, e.g. with

Instagram – the cradle of beautiful photos

Be an aesthete! Instagram’s idea was to share beautiful images of our lives and still refined, aesthetic, sometimes even flawless frames are of the greatest importance.
Did you know that followers decide whether they want to observe a given profile in just a few seconds? They often make this decision based only on photos, so make sure that they make a really thundering impression.
Don’t just focus on the products themselves, show Insta some industry life. And be sure to consider before posting a new post whether it will interact with the other photos on the grid of your profile.

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Not only quantity but above all quality

Although it is only a phone application, not every camera placed in a mobile device will bring a satisfactory result. Think about professional equipment that will guarantee good quality photos. Also, remember that Instagram has resized images and is currently using 1080x 1080px.

A light facilitate has not hurt any brands yet

When the photos are ready, they can be a bit adorned for the application. Use easily available programs like Snap seed, VS CO Cam or Over gram to make your graphics even more #instafriendly. Iron them gently and remember that brightness is included. You can play with filters but focus on shades of white, gray and blue.

instagram campaign

Call to Action

Call your fans to action. Create a valuable copy that will encourage users to contact you. You don’t know how to do it? Questions are a golden mean to gain commitment. Don’t be afraid to ask them, but do it wisely. They can entertain, surprise, but only in such a way that the answers do not require too much effort from the recipient. Otherwise, he will pass by them indifferently.

Bet on valuable content and do not write only in business style. Instagram allows a bit of slack, also on typical company profiles. And another piece of advice for you, do not overdo the length of posts. Two or three sentences are really enough. These few simple tips will help you increase your Engagement Rate.

Smile for a smile – this is how emoticons work

Did you know that emoji can increase Instagram coverage by up to 50%? They give copy emotion and allow your followers to read your message correctly. Make sure they appear at the end of each sentence, and fans will be more likely to interact with the brand.

#hashtag – Instagram must have!

Instagram gives you the opportunity to add up to 30 hashtags under each photo. Make a list of the ones that best describe your photo, otherwise, Instagram will read it as spam and limit your reach. The optimal number that will ensure you reach a large number of users is about 11 hashtags. Use them well, using the most relevant ones.

On the internet, you will find many lists with the most popular tags, but this is also no reason to load the post yourself #topofthetop! Only less known hashtags will allow you to find a place on the popular posts tab. Try to diversify your tag list and avoid those banned.

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How do you check which ones have been blocked? Use for example the Banned Hashtags application.

#English Polish – the power of Polish words

What about the language? Is it better to add Polish or English hashtags? There is no rule for this. However, you don’t have to worry that you will lose something by using your native language. On the contrary! Especially companies operating in local markets should use Polish vocabulary. The company will not lose the fact that the entry will be released to a Spanish who is just drinking coffee in Barcelona. You may get an extra heart, but as a result, brands are aware that this will not translate into a real transaction and a permanent relationship.

Branded hashtag

Make up your own unique # checkbox that will be closely related to your business and add it to each entry. If it proves attractive to followers, they will want to use it on their posts. In this way, you will build your brand community and increase your reach.

NA Markings

Coffee with a client in Manhattan? Product awarded at the Paris fair? Share your successes and mark places and people who witnessed them. Increase your reach by reaching people watching the tag. Tag other brands related to your brand, influence’s, and industry websites and draw the attention of their followers to you.

Word for # good morning

Give your followers energy, giving them a dose of inspiration to act. Dress motivating words with interesting slogans and create spectacular text graphics. There are many programs that will help you create this type of content. One of them is Canva, an online tool for creating graphics. With countless templates tailored for Insta, you can create engaging material. Design graphics in an easy and fast way and transfer your energy to the whole world.

Plan and organize

Prepare schedules in advance. Thanks to this, you will avoid unnecessary errors and refine every entry. Include holidays and unusual events in your posting plans, such as Smile Day. Systematic planning will ensure that nothing escapes your attention.

Use tools to help you organize everything. An example could be:

  • Hootsuite – allows you to schedule posts simultaneously for several channels.
  • Content – it is characterized by a transparent calendar layout and the ability to add comments by persons authorized for a given profile. The advantage of this planner is also access to emoticons from the level of the tool itself, without the need to copy them from special banks.


This time is a good time – publish at certain times

Everything has its time, including Instagram posts. For more feedback, think about how your target audience works. Does he browse Stories on his way to work? Or maybe during a quick lunch? This is a good moment for your post to be in front of the viewer right now. According to recent research, the best time to post is between 8-9 and 14-17. Will these ranges work for your brand? We don’t know that your followers set the best hours for you, so try trial and error to find the optimal time for your business.

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Your brand’s activity as a measure of success

If you want to gain observers, you must take care of them. Nobody said it would be easy and your company profile would immediately have thousands of fans. Nothing happens without effort, and in this case, you need to take care of yourself. So what should you do?

  • Talk to users
  • Encourage comments
  • Do surveys on Stories.

Don’t limit yourself to your brand profile! You need to go beyond it and also work under the photos of other users. Enjoy their entries and show your commitment, and they will certainly repay you with the same. In these matters, you can use special applications such as River to like photos, or Crowd fire to follow.

  • TIP! It’s important that you like every day at least 50 profiles! However, do it wisely, otherwise, you will get an Instagram ban for 24th.

Close relationships – Insta Stories

It is hard to get closer to followers than reports on Stories. Although many companies find it difficult to convince themselves, this is the best way to gain authenticity on social media. Also live shows strengthen your brand’s position on the Instagram market, building the trust of your fans. Act live, show what you are doing to others and watch the number on the follower’s counter increase.

Contacts ruling the world – influence marketing

Build relationships with influences! It’s not about creating artificial relationships. Your contacts should be honest, otherwise, other users will sense it immediately. No one forbids you to create cooperation based on mutual benefits, but a lot of fruit will bring you a real, long-term relationship.

insta stories


Organize competitions

Increase engagement on your profile by giving you the opportunity to win prizes! Such #contest will motivate passive followers to actively participate in creating your community and interacting with your brand! Invent a special competition hashtag that will win the hearts of new fans.
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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – social media power!

Promote your brand on other channels. Perhaps the people who follow you on Facebook do not even know that your company works on Insta. Direct their attention to her Instagram grid! She is governed by completely different laws and acts on separate senses.

  • TIP! The function of generating your virtual, Instagram business card for scanning has been available for several days. Share it on other social networks and encourage you to follow the brand on Insta!

In the thicket of friends – promoting on Instagram

Instagram ads are available in two options:

  1. In the form of an ordinary post that your potential customers will see by browsing photos added by their friends. Their advantage is the ability to like and interact, just like with standard entries.
  2. In the form of an advertisement on Insta Stories, which appears between the relationships of other people.

Remember that Instagram ads allow you to add links to a page or store. Don’t waste this potential. Are you curious how much it costs? CPM (cost per mile) is a measure of your expenses. This means you will pay for the number of views. If you want, you can change the settings and account for each click. Instagram also allows you to set your daily budget and the time of broadcast of a given advertisement.

A consistent brand image

Take care of how Instagram users receive your business. Create a consistent image, taking into account not only shared content and photos, but also activities in other fields. And remember that by creating a profile you can help yourself, but also harm! Watch out for controversial content and stay away from conflicts with users.