How to Ensure that Aircraft Repairs are done Properly and as Per DGCA Standards?

Any piece of equipment whether a small hand held mobile to a rocket ship needs to be maintained and repaired at regular intervals to make sure that it keeps working optimally. Aircraft repair is a very well researched and documented field that is controlled by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) in India. Different guidelines have to be followed for each type of aircraft repair to be undertaken whether for domestic or international use or military grade aircraft. But some general and basic aircraft repairs that are common to all types are mentioned here.

Ensure that your Aircraft Repairs are done Properly or Not

Making any type of aircraft repair requires a strict adherence to these standards and procedures to make sure the aircraft becomes airworthy again. Some aircraft for sale in India are also sent for repairs to get a better price in the market. These repairs can be classified as major repairs which means that if improperly done it will appreciably affect the balance, structural strength, weight, performance of the aircraft, its flight characteristics and other qualities that make it airworthy.

Or it may mean that the aircraft underwent an earlier repair which was not done according to the accepted practises and cannot be undone by elementary operations. A minor repair on the other hand means anything other than the major repair. Any aircraft repair will focus on one or more of the following areas to ensure their airworthiness.

Aircraft Structural Repairs: These are undertaken when an aircraft’s external skin, stringers, bulkheads, etc. have suffered damage due to bird strikes or lightning hits or the more common reason of hitting some ground service equipment while on the ground.

Component Repairs: These could range from a simple replacement of a single part to an entire overhaul especially in the case of aircraft for sale in India. Components that are non-functional or damaged and are removed from an aircraft have to be checked, disassembled, cleaned, repaired, tested and returned to service unless they are found to be of absolutely no use. Both these activities have to be monitored closely as per the standards.

System Repairs: This consists of repairing or even replacing any pneumatic, hydraulic or fuel systems on an aircraft to make it work properly. In this case a few items need not be tagged as is the case with the other components like hoses and linings, etc.

Engine Repairs: A limited maintenance and replacement of non functioning or damaged parts can be done while the engine is installed on the aircraft. Any major repairs to the engine needs to be done after complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair, reassembly and finally testing to ensure the engine is once again airworthy.

Avionics Repairs: These are the delicate circuit boards and other fragile electronic parts on an aircraft and are treated slightly differently than the rest of the parts. These parts are allowed to be serviced and cleaned only in special cleaning rooms to ensure that no foreign materials have congested their functioning.

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