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I Didn’t Know I Have A Leak On My Property! Thankfully It’s Not Too Late

Gas leakage is something that needs to be watched out for. Such incidents are of course materially detrimental, and can seriously threaten the lives of many people. Therefore, it would be nice if we know ways to prevent gas leakage in the kitchen or other locations that install gas installations so that the gas Leak Sydney can be overcome.

Good gas installation for restaurants, hotels, catering and also other food industries is very important because most restaurant equipment currently uses gas as fuel. The advantages of using gas in the cooking process, which is faster in the cooking process, clean, practical, and gas cylinders are easily available on the market. So that the use of gas can run optimally, of course, a good gas installation is needed and is supported by a qualified security system, to prevent fires, due to the nature of the gas itself which is flammable.

The safety factor in installing a gas installation is the first thing that must be considered. The quality of pipes for gas lines, additional safety equipment, and regulators to reduce gas pressure, must comply with the equipment specifications. The iron pipe used is a seamless pipe (no connection in it), schedule 40 with a minimum thickness of 4 millimetres, which is installed starting from the gas cylinder or gas meter to the kitchen area by welding the pipe.

Basically, the gas installation for restaurants and other commercial kitchens consists of three parts of the installation, namely: the central gas installation, the installation of gas pipes or hoses, and the control panel & alarm gas detector. A central gas installation is needed in commercial kitchens, such as restaurants because large gas consumption every day certainly requires more than one gas cylinder. So you should separate the gas cylinder from the kitchen area. Because of the gas cylinder is placed close to the source of the fire, which is the stove, besides making the room feel more cramped, it also increases the risk of fire. You can use charcoal to grill but the best way of cooking is to using gas cylinder.

A good central gas installation consists of several parts such as the following: gas cylinder, valve cylinder, pigtail house, and valve, a pressure gauge in, high-pressure regulator, solenoid valve, alarm detector, pressure gauge out, and valve bypass. Then, the installation of gas pipes or hoses is used to channel gas from the central to restaurant equipment in the kitchen, namely by using an iron pipe. The type of iron pipe used is seamless pipe (no connection in it), schedule 40 with a minimum thickness of 4 millimetres. The connection technique is welded. For indoors installation, you can use the black steel, but for outdoors and long installations you should use carbon steel pipes. The diameter of the pipe must be adjusted to the volume of gas to be used and depends on the number of stoves, and the gas pressure used by the stove. Once you think you have an idea of where the leak may be, you can test the area by using the soapy water. When you finally discover where the leak is, make sure to turn off your gas lines, leave your home and call for a professional plumber who is able to fix it for you.


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