Surrogacy in UK: Features Of This Country

Surrogacy in UK: Features Of This Country

February 9, 2023 0 By Swati

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, once said: “It is easier to lead a nation than to raise four children.” Of course, we all know the ironic nature of Winston Churchill’s many children and his ability to generate witty and catchy expressions. As we can learn from the memoirs of his entourage, he certainly loved children. So let’s treat this phrase as a witty accumulation of all the problems that parents face when raising children. 

However, there are people for whom having a child is a super goal and a dream. For the sake of which they are ready to overcome any problems and hardships. Yes, we are talking about surrogacy. And it’s not for nothing that Winston Churchill was mentioned because today we will be talking about Surrogacy in the UK

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Legal Side

It is worth noting that there are two types of surrogacy: altruistic and commercial. As their names suggest, the former is mainly performed without monetary compensation to the surrogate mother, while the latter compensates her. In the UK, only altruistic surrogacy is allowed. That is, when choosing this country, you can rely solely on your friends or relatives who agree to carry your child. However, if we are talking about commercial surrogacy, which is undoubtedly much more widespread worldwide, then the UK has problems. To be more precise, it is completely prohibited. 

But even the altruistic option looks like a rather complicated process with its difficulties. For example, a surrogate mother is entered into the birth certificate. In short, compared to other advanced countries in the issue of surrogacy, the UK is not the best option. Nevertheless, it is possible to go on a surrogacy journey there. However, the presence of a highly qualified and professional lawyer is mandatory. 

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How much does it cost? 

One might have the impression that altruistic surrogacy is an entirely free procedure. But this is different. The cost sometimes reaches a significant level. Yes, paying a surrogate mother is neither welcome nor legal here. However, other services can sometimes be much more expensive than other countries because the offer here is much more specific. Therefore, if you still decide to choose the UK as a country for surrogacy, consultation with a professional surrogacy agency is a must. Below are the approximate costs that you will need to cover: 

  • payment to the surrogate mother (this is only to cover the surrogate’s expenses related to the pregnancy, not fair compensation)
  • medical expenses in the clinic;
  • court costs (parental order, exit process, etc.).

So, on average, surrogacy in the UK costs about $65,000. This is lower than the price offered by the United States. But it is higher than other European countries, such as Ukraine or Georgia.
So, of course, the choice is yours. However, before you make it, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of surrogacy in the UK.