Online SAT Prep: Best Practices to Make the Most Out of It

Online SAT Prep: Best Practices to Make the Most Out of It

January 3, 2024 0 By varsha

The SAT: three letters that are a big deal for high school students and their families. No wonder! Getting to college often feels like scaling a mountain, primarily because of the pressure standardized testing puts on kids. Yet, there’s nothing to worry about. 

These days, you have tons of options online, and all you need to do is pick up the fitting ones. Online SAT prep can be a flexible, accessible, and, what is important comfortable way to ace your score. Let’s figure out what you need to make the most out of your preparation! 

Why Should You Choose Online SAT Prep?

Yes, we know you’ll ask that question. Why this studying approach, but not something else? Here are just a few convincing reasons: 

  • Learn on your own terms. No more rigid schedules or long commutes. Arrange study sessions around your life without stressing about extracurricular activities or your free time (which is obviously a rare thing at this point). You can tweak any SAT prep course online for your own schedule and needs. 
  • Enjoy personalized learning. You are probably tired of the relentless generic study plans you faced for so long. It’s time for changes! Find a variety of options that fit your goals and learning style. Consider getting a tutor who can help tackle some of the sections. 
  • Find courses outside your area. Geography is no longer a barrier! You don’t need to look for qualified instructors in your city or neighborhood. Connect with experienced SAT tutors and instructors from any location.
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Making the Most of Your Online SAT Prep: Tips

So, you’ve decided to take the online route. Great decision! Now, how should you move with so many options out there? Here are some best practices to make your virtual prep a smooth and deliberate adventure: 

Set a Target Score

You should know where you are heading. “The sky is the limit” is a good approach, but not in this case:) Besides, knowing the required scores, you’ll find the necessary SAT classes online easier. 

This is how to set your score goals: 

  • Go to the BigFuture College Search and find a college you want to apply; 
  • Find their test score range; 
  • Evaluate your current level and set goals to achieve the chosen university’s required score. 

Find the Right Platform

Yes, there are dozens of options, each with its own features. Take time for research! You should consider the following factors:

  • Course structure and format. Do you prefer video lectures, interactive exercises, or a mix of both? Maybe you need more self-study materials or an opportunity to reach out to instructors? Make a list of your preferences and stick to the criteria when looking out for the platform.
  • Practice tests and try tools. You have to take as many SAT practice tests as possible. It is important to choose the right toolkit for achieving your goals. Be honest with yourself when defining the things you need for successful studies. Does the platform offer realistic practice tests and detailed score analysis to track progress?
  • Extra materials. Look for an online SAT course that offers study guides, flashcards, and other helpful materials. They may have short videos to navigate you through the SAT testing process. 
  • Cost and value. Compare prices and features to find a program that fits your budget and needs. Keep in mind that not every expensive course will fit your goals. 
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Create a Study Schedule

… that fits your routine. And, what is more important, that leaves you some free time. There is a belief that you need 20 hours of study per week to master the test. Yet, we can’t say this is true for every student. This duration depends on your current level of knowledge. In any case, you must create a schedule that won’t stress you out. How? 

  • Break down your prep into smaller, manageable chunks.
  • Aim for daily or weekly goals and celebrate your achievements along the way. 
  • Alternate between different study methods, like video lectures, practice questions, and flashcards, to keep things engaging.
  • Be flexible: if you feel like changing your schedule for one day, do that. 

The best SAT online course will allow you to move through the prep process without being stressed too much. Even if you have just a month, you can practice deliberately. 

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses 

Try a full practice run first! See what kinds of questions bother you the most, and then practice those areas more. Analyze what you are good at and where you need to improve. 

Use SAT Apps

SAT prep apps make it easy to follow your daily studying routine in the following ways: 

  • Practice makes perfect. Reading, Writing, Math – you name it, the app helps with everything. Plus, you get instant feedback and will know if you nailed it or need a quick nudge.
  • Don’t stop if you are stuck. Just tap for a helpful hint and get back on track.
  • Learn from mistakes. Learn from your slips. Get clear explanations. Every question you understand becomes a stepping stone to higher scores.
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Learn What to Expect on the Test Day

Many students panic before the test day and on it. One of the main reasons is not knowing all the details. Try to plan that important day in advance:

Here’s how the test is structured: 

How to Keep Your Motivation High? 

It is vital to keep your motivation high until the test day. The road to SAT success can be long, so motivation is key. Here are some tips to keep the fire burning:

  • Remember your goals. Remind yourself why you’re taking the SAT. What are your college dreams? Clear goals can fuel your motivation and keep it strong. As a result, you will get more from your SAT prep classes online. 
  • Track your progress. Seeing your improvement over time is a great way to stay on track. Celebrate milestones, big and small. Give yourself credit! 
  • Engage in the community. SAT tutorials online are easier to master if you share this period with someone. Connect with other students taking the SAT online. Share tips, support each other, and celebrate successes together.


The best way to get used to SAT questions is extremely easy: by actually practicing them. Use the best SAT prep programs created by the SAT makers, and make sure to learn everything about the test day. All the luck!