How To Select Between A Single Or Double Bowl Sink

How To Select Between A Single Or Double Bowl Sink

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A kitchen is the most used room in a home. It is no wonder that this room is also the most remodeled. When planning a kitchen remodel, it is important to consider the sink to install. Kitchen sinks come in various materials, shapes, and configurations. Stainless steel under-mount sinks are a good consideration for a kitchen sink. These come in single or double bowl options each with varying benefits. Read on to understand how to select between a single or double bowl sink.



There is no significant difference in the installation process for single and double bowl sinks. Both require epoxy and sink clips to stay in place. The sink attaches to the countertop using a large C-clamp as the epoxy dries up. However, installation of these sinks differs according to plumbing. A single bowl sink has one drain making installation easier, cheaper, and faster. Additionally, placement of the faucet is easier since water is for only one bowl.

Alternatively, sinks with double bowls need connecting to each other before setting up the waste trap. Perhaps you need one bowl to have a garbage disposal. This increases the complexity of the project including selecting the position of the faucet. A sink with both bowls for washing requires locating the faucet in the middle for accessibility when using any of the bowls.

Available space

When selecting the best undermount sinks, opt for sinks with double bowls to utilize counter space better. This sink offers space for storage, décor, and food prep. A sink with two bowls allows placing drying rack in one of the bowls to save counter space. This allows washing the dishes in one bowl and drying them in the other while saving counter space. Check the sink base cabinet to ensure that you select a sink that fits. A double bowl sink offers better storage and an appropriate drying area.

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A sink is the most used accessory in a kitchen. Sinks come with bowls in various shapes and sizes to dictate functionality. Single bowl sinks take up little space making them ideal for a larger kitchen. This sink is ideal for corner installation especially one with a D shape for a better shape. Double bowl sinks have a larger size and require appropriate space. A single bowl sink utilizes counter space, offers more prep room, and better counter storage compared to a double bowl sink. Additionally, sinks with a single bowl are ideal for cabinetry with a small sink base.


A double bowl sink comes in various sizes and configurations including those with an equal size or one with a larger and smaller compartment. This gives this sink immense versatility. You can use one bowl for prep and the other to wash dishes. Alternatively, you can use one bowl to soak larger pans or for garbage disposal. Single bowl sinks are ideal for washing larger pots although a sink with double bowls offers more functionality options.

Using a dishwasher

A dishwasher is a handy addition in a kitchen. This is installed with easy access to the sink. Installing a dishwasher eliminates the need to use the sink to wash the dishes. This offers appropriate space in the sink bowl for other purposes. Additionally, using a dishwasher saves more water compared to hand washing in a sink bowl. A single bowl sink is ideal for cleaning items too large to fit in the dishwasher.

Water and detergent use

Single and double bowl sinks use approximately the same amount of water when using the whole sink. However, double bowl sinks require less water for washing lowering the amount of water you use. Using one of the bowls for rinsing dishes saves water. You can easily get an appropriate water depth for use to rinse the dishes without using much water and detergent. Single bowl sinks usually require washing with water directly flowing from the tap. This allows using more water and a higher water bill at the end of the month.

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Sinks with a single bowl are easier to clean while those with two bowls require more time and effort to clean. When using the sink to clean the dishes, you can do this in less time. Stainless steel sinks are easier to clean for their resistance to stains, dirt, and oil accumulation. However, a double bowl sink has more space to clean up after washing the dishes. You have to ensure that all bowls are sparkling after every use.

Understanding kitchen sink bowl options

Single bowl sink

This is a kitchen sink with one bowl. These sinks have compact sizes to fit in any kitchen size. Single bowl sinks can fit space for double basin sinks. This allows scrubbing huge dishes easily. These sinks have edges or corners that make cleaning faster and easier. Kitchen sinks with a single bowl are cheaper than sinks with double basins. The major drawback of these sinks is lacking in versatility and use of more detergent and water.

Double bowl sink

These rectangular sinks have two bowls side by side. The bowls have partition separating them and can have the same or different size. Regular double bowl sinks have 13 by 18 inches or 30 by 20 inches. These sinks eat up more counter space compared to single bowl options. This makes double bowl sinks not appropriate for tiny kitchens. Luckily, these sinks allow multitasking in a busy kitchen. One basin is ideal for food preparation and the other for washing utensils. This makes up for the loss of counter space the sink eats up.

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Triple bowl sink

The least popular, a triple bowl sink has two normal size bowls and a smaller third bowl. This is usually in the middle for garbage disposal. Using this sink allows quick and easy disposal of garbage leaving the two bowls free for other purposes. The most significant drawback about a triple bowl sink is eating up more counter top space compared to a double and single bowl sink. Using the third bowl makes up for this by offering convenience and quick disposal.


When building a new kitchen or remodeling your old one, a new sink can’t be overlooked. A good idea is to consider undermount stainless steel. These come in various shapes, designs, shapes, and with single or double bowls. Selecting a sink with bowls that meet your requirements is essential. This requires considering features including available space, purpose, and installation process. The ideal kitchen sink matches your kitchen space and your kitchen needs while fitting your budget.