How to Make Cars More Eco-Friendly

How to Make Cars More Eco-Friendly

February 21, 2021 0 By amanv1067

Environmentally-friendly vehicles not just mean hybrid or electric cars. By maintaining good driving habits, even regular cars can be turned into safer and greener ones. Here’s how

Routine Maintenance

A well-maintained car is definitely going to be environmentally friendly as it’ll run efficiently, save money, and reduce carbon emissions. Maintaining your vehicle regularly will keep the engine in proper shape, help you keep an eye on air and oil filters, and upgrade spark plugs and wires. 

Maintain Tire Pressure

It’s very important to keep the car tyres properly inflated to increase fuel mileage and enhance the safety of the driver and passengers. According to Goodyear tires, vehicle owners can extend the life of the tires with the right air pressure. It’s recommended to get the tyres checked every month and it can easily be done by booking an appointment with the Dubai Tyre Shop. Tires online Dubai platform, it provides all tire-related services, including rotation, wheel balancing, and repair. 

Lookout for Emissions

Regular vehicle maintenance at a reliable workshop will also cover the emission system. The emission system helps clean and minimize the dangerous gas and fumes coming out of the tailpipe. In case there’s a problem with the emission system, the engine light comes on and it’s an indication to take the vehicle in for inspection. 

Go Easy on the Air Conditioner

The air conditioning system requires a lot of fuel and when possible, it’s best to roll down the windows and enjoy some fresh air. According to the energy conservation department, using an AC in extremely hot conditions can significantly increase fuel consumption.

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Maintain the Tank System 

Keep your car green by giving a once-over to the fuel system. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself then its best to take it to a reliable workshop and service center. UAE residents can enjoy premium services at the Dubai Tyre Shop. Also, when filling up the fuel tank, make sure to top it properly and stop when the pump has finished. 

Avoid Extra Weight

Always go easy on the weight you put on your car as it can take its toll on the tyres as well as fuel consumption. You can easily maintain fuel mileage by removing access weight from the car. It’s best to just keep the car essentials and leave unnecessary load at home.

Good Driving Habits 

These include avoiding unnecessary speeding and braking. To get more life out of your tires and to increase fuel efficiency, experts suggest maintaining a steady speed. Pushing harder on the gas pedal means more fuel and it will automatically put strain on your pocket. Not to mention, if the tires take some beating, you will have to replace them too. 

In case, you do have to change, replace, or buy new tyres, book an appointment with the experts at the Dubai Tyre Shop.