The Crab Power: 6 Impressive Things That Make Crabs An All-Time Favorite Seafood Of Many  

The Crab Power: 6 Impressive Things That Make Crabs An All-Time Favorite Seafood Of Many  

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There are foods that neither smell good nor look good but taste best! There are foods which can make you drool just by looking at them and can give you heart eyes when you take the first bite. There are foods that you cannot just immediately eat because you need to work hard to get their best offers. You have to get your mouth watering even more first before you can get their tasty meat.


Crabs are the perfect foods described by the previous two sentences. Everyone who eats crabs can attest to that! The crab is not like any other food, not the same as any other seafood out there! And that’s probably why there are lots and lots of people who have fallen in love with this crustacean, especially when it has been made into the fresh seafood that you can finally eat!


Here are 6 things that will make you understand and even more realize why many taste buds and tummies cannot resist the power of crabs!

[1] Your creativ-EAT-y gets tested.

Just like any food, crabs can be cooked in many different ways, but you know that thinking of a unique way to do that can be a bit difficult since crabs aren’t like chicken and pork. Cooking crabs and getting them prepared can take a little more time, effort and patience compared to others. The structure, composition and the nature itself of the crab make it far different from other foods you get to eat on a daily or regular basis.


That is one of the reasons why many enjoy cooking and/or eating crabs. Creativity is tested when it comes to being curious and eager to try and know the outcome of a certain recipe!


You can cook cheesy buttered crabs, crabs with sweet and chili sauce or crab with coconut milk. Aside from those, there are many other recipes you can look up on the Internet. You can even explore and invent one of your own, and that is where your creativity will surely be put to the test.

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Aside from the way you cook, your creativity in the way you eat that fresh seafood can also be seen. That’s right! It’s a bit funny to think that your “creativity” really gets tested, but that’s because not everyone knows how to eat crabs while getting the best of them!

[2] They keep your bare hands at work.

Some people can eat a crab with spoon and fork, while there are also some (relative to their lifestyle and tradition) can actually do that using chopsticks. Yes, that seems good and unusual, but everybody just knows that the best way to eat crabs is with bare hands!


Your hands can directly work on your crabs — not your hands on your utensils. Yes, those things may be utilized, but even without trying it, one can already say that you can still get the complete insides of this fresh seafood only and only if you use your fingers to scoop, pinch and pull the meat and everything with it!


It’s hard to have a good total eating experience if you cannot get the totality of what those precious crabs can give you! Also, your hands are kept busy most of the time digging into that crab you’re not letting go of, so there’s no way for you to get distracted by your cellphone while you eat.  


Eating crabs with bare hands removes those utensils that connect you to them as it actually makes you touch your food and let you enjoy it as it is. You feel more at home. You may feel like you’re a different kind of human with some “super hands” while you do so!

[3] It gives a challenge you’re willing to take.

Without a doubt, eating crabs is a huge challenge. Unless you have someone kind with you who’s willing to get working on your crabs while you peacefully just take them into your mouth, you have to take that challenge. What’s that challenge?

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Well, everything about crabs is a bit of a challenge or a big one! Before you eat, you have to work hard for it first! And while you’re eating as you still strive on getting those precious crab insides, you get even hungrier! You drool even more because it takes some time first before you get your first, then your second and third bite.


Sometimes, especially if you are not an “expert” on opening crabs and digging into them, you can also get cuts and wounds. That’s hurtful, but it’s normally part of the first steps as you naturally learn and love the process of eating crabs! It’s a challenge but many are willing to take it.

[4] You get messy yet merry.

Part of the challenge in eating crabs is that you will get messy. That will be true if you’re that person who is, again, willing to take that challenge! There are people who cannot eat crabs because they don’t want their hands to get messy and to smell fishy. Well, that’s involved in the fun!  


Before you can get the savory crab meat inside, you have to make yourself ready for some savory mess on your hands. Of course, be sure to clean your hands first with clean soap and water, so you can rest assured that you will be doing well and tasting the right thing.  


For some, the mess can be annoying and undesirable, but for some, it’s something enjoyable! It makes them have more fun with the experience. You simply (not literally) eat but you actually learn something from it. Sometimes, you need some pretty messy, so you can wholly enjoy your food and remember it as a good memory.

[5] Rarity makes them precious.

Crabs are not found everywhere, not like chicken and pork! They are rarer than those, rarer than fish as well. That’s what makes them even more precious. That’s why this seafood can catch a lot of attention just by the mention of its name!  

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Crabs are not also easy to catch. They aren’t easy to prepare. You can rarely see them on restaurant menus and probably never on fast food menus. There are specific seasons when crab catches are full and flourishing, and that’s when buyers who love fresh seafood get so happy that they can finally eat some of those beloved crabs!

[6]Pricey but PRIZEy.

Because crabs are tough to catch, mostly seasonal and unlike any other food, they are usually expensive. Cooked or uncooked, you have to get your wallet ready because the price would never be kidding you! That’s especially if it’s the peak season in the market or when the cooked crab is soaked in special sauces with other valuable ingredients.


Crabs are definitely pricey, but they absolutely are worth it especially when turned into well-cooked seafood! All the hard work — from paying it to eating it — definitely pays off! You get those crabs as a lovely and delicious prize for their price. Your good money gets the good crab you deserve!



They crawl and clip, but when it’s you who gets to click, clack and crack them, that’s a good sign that you’re getting those dear crab meats into your mouth in no time! Crabs are not easy to handle, not easy to get, not easy to cook, not easy to prepare and up to the last minute, still not easy to eat! But hey, that’s all part of the crab’s beauty!

Delectable and delightful, with flexible cooking styles possible, all-time favorite seafood of many people, crabs never disappoint!


The Crab Power: 6 Impressive Things That Make Crabs An All-Time Favorite Seafood Of Many  Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Manettas Seafood Market Australia, an online and interactive seafood market allowing accessibility to the highest quality seafood from Australia and abroad for customers at home, chefs in restaurants, seafood wholesalers and seafood traders. She believes that freshness of the seafood is important not only because of the taste but also of health benefits. Her writing pieces include topics on fresh seafood and the market industry. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.