The Best Ways to Cope with Your Everyday #MomStress

The Best Ways to Cope with Your Everyday #MomStress

May 25, 2019 0 By Miannak

Being a mom isn’t easy nowadays. Moms are expected to work full-time, take care of their families, raise children, drive them around, do the laundry and all the other house chores, cook meals – and this is just the beginning of the never-ending list. Making efforts to juggle with all these daily activities and remain stress-free is quite a challenge. Moms are constantly under lots of pressure and stress. And if moms are stressed out, it affects their health as well as the well-being of their children. Children see everything and that’s why it’s essential for them to observe from your example how to cope with stress in a healthy manner.

Identify the causes of your stress

There are a few steps to stress-free parenting. Let’s start from basics. In order to be able to deal with your stress factors, you need to be aware of what the stress factors are for you. When we’re feeling stressed out, our bodies try to show us that by displaying some physical signs. These signs usually include rising blood pressure, spiked heart rate, yelling and screaming, being irritated easily, being impatient and so on.

When you find yourself in a situation experiencing the above-mentioned signs that’s your cue to stop, take a deep breath and chill. You don’t want your children to see you reacting to situations like this since they will totally copy you. You need to show them how to deal with stress in a healthy way. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Plan ahead

An effective way to avoid stressful situations is to organize your time and obligations properly. Since there are a lot of them, it’s essential to learn to manage the time you have at your disposal. For example, lots of moms start their day quite stressfully because of the rush of getting ready for work and kindergarten/school, preparing breakfast and lunch, getting dressed and so on. So, how can you make it less stressful? Well, try doing things you can as early as possible.

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So, prepare the kids’ outfits the night before, pack their lunches the night before – this will save you some time in the morning. There’s one more trick for the start of a stress-free day: get up earlier than your kids so you can have a cup of coffee in peace while watching your favourite TV show. It will give you a chance to organize your thoughts and clear your mind.

Eat a healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet is of key importance for our overall physical and mental health. Our diet should be varied and thus include lots of nutritious fruit and veggies, lean meats, dairy and nuts. However, preparing healthy meals for the whole family isn’t always easy as it consumes quite a lot of our precious time. Besides that, moms need to make sure that the food they prepare every day is both healthy and tasty so the whole family could enjoy it.

This can easily be a cause of mom stress. Fortunately, there are no unsolvable situations. One of the ways to deal with these kinds of situations when we have too little time to prepare healthy food is to hire My Muscle Chef to prepare them for us. Their specialty is preparing nutritious meals modified for our personal needs and delivering them to our house. In that way, you’re sure your family gets all the nutrients they need, you are stress-free and have more time to spend with your kids.  


Getting physical exercise is one of the best ways to relieve the tension and stress moms feel every day. If you prefer, you can get a membership at the local gym and enjoy this time on your own. On the other hand, you can involve your whole family in the process so everyone wins. You and your family can benefit from any kind of physical exercise, you lower your stress levels along the way and teach your children the habit and the importance of doing regular physical activities. You can make it more fun by allowing every member of the family to choose physical activity for the day.

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Sleep enough

Sleep is quintessential for all human beings and an average person needs from seven to eight hours of sound sleep in order to recharge. If we lack sleep, we tend to experience mood changes, focus, memory and potential illnesses and inevitably stress. The key is to be well-rested since then we are able to cope with the challenges life puts in front of us in the best possible way.


Learning how to meditate may be the key to a more relaxed lifestyle. You can meditate anywhere since it doesn’t require any expensive equipment. Take a few classes to learn how to regulate your breathing or try finding some online tutorials. It will help you to be more relaxed and concentrated. Your well-being and health are crucial for balancing your work and family, so you mustn’t allow them to be compromised. You can even teach your kids some stress relieving strategies they can use when they find themselves in some stressful situations at school so they can handle them in a healthy way.

Take a 5

Sometimes busy and stressed out moms just need a 5-minute break to get back on track. This is okay. When you feel like you’re overwhelmed with everything, take time to decompress. You shouldn’t feel guilty because of this. Take a walk, meditate, do something that will help you relax.

Get support

Social connections are important. A good way to relax and perhaps learn some new strategies that will help you deal with your situation is to be a part of some social group. It’s important that you feel comfortable enough in this group to be able to share your feelings and worries. This group can offer some suggestions, thoughts, experiences that can help you. It’s a way of realizing that many women face the same life challenges and that you’re not the only one. It somehow eases the situation. Many moms get their support from their girlfriends and it helps them feel less stressed when they share their emotions with somebody.

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Some studies have shown that we tend to hold a lot of tension in our faces and that the best way to get rid of it is through good laughter. So, laugh more and you’re a step closer to a stress-free life.


So, if you combine some of these best ways to cope with your everyday ‘mom-stress’, you are bound to lead a more relaxing and zero-stress life. This won’t affect only you but the whole family and it will create a nurturing and flourishing vibe in your home.