What are the Benefits of Paper Dolls for Kids?

What are the Benefits of Paper Dolls for Kids?

April 26, 2019 0 By ISF.com

Paper dolls may seem outdated in today’s world dominated by video games and mobile apps, but these simple and charming toys offer many benefits for children. Paper dolls have been around for thousands of years, dating back to the invention of paper. Even today, although paper dolls are not as popular as they once were, paper dolls continue to delight young boys and girls alike. There are so many reasons why playing with paper dolls are beneficial to children. Here are some of them:

1. Paper dolls help improve creativity and imagination – Just like regular dolls, paper dolls provide children with endless opportunities for creative pretend play. When children imagine and create stories using paper dolls, they build important thinking skills useful in solving complex problems.

2. They help develop social and emotional skills – Pretend play and cooperative play let children make-believe with social and emotional roles. Playing with dolls help children develop empathy. When they imagine themselves as different characters, they essentially put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Pretend play also build self-esteem by letting children imagine that they can be anything.

3. Playing with paper dolls help develop communication skills – Creating and telling stories using paper dolls to help children develop and improve their language skills. Pretend play allows them to use words in different situations. When children narrate stories while playing, they make a connection between the spoken and written language, which is an important skill that will help them when learning to read.

4. They let children practice fine motor skills-As children play with dolls by coloring them or changing their costumes and clothes, they practice fine motor skills that will be helpful in many endeavors later in life.


5. Paper dolls are simple and cheap – Unlike many toys, paper dolls are quite cheap. In fact, there’s usually no need to purchase them. You can download free printable paper dolls from resource websites like Carrot Ink’s Printable Learning, which offers free printable children’s activity books, coloring books, and worksheets.