Working with Sore Muscles: Good or Bad Idea?

Working with Sore Muscles: Good or Bad Idea?

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Extreme workouts lead to lactic acid build-up that causes a burning sensation in the body and soreness. The latter can last for a couple of days especially if you are a beginner in fitness. Many people wonder whether it is a great idea to continue with a workout schedule or not if this happens, but experts advise people to assess the situation before making the decision to quit the exercises or not.

Seasoned workout enthusiasts know that mild soreness should not be a hindrance to continuing, but there must be a great recovery plan ahead. If it is extreme especially after a vigorous workout session, you probably need a break for a day or two to focus on recovery.

What Causes Muscle Soreness

Every exercise session causes the muscle cells to produce lactic acid as a by-product during metabolism. This acid build-up leads you to feel a burning sensation in your muscles, and soreness will be felt. Again, the damaged cells contribute to soreness. Beginners in fitness feel this to a greater degree while seasoned fitness enthusiasts are mostly affected when they push their bodies to the limit.

Delayed onset muscle soreness does not last forever because the cells rejuvenate during the natural recovery. However, people who want to proceed with their workouts usually perform recovery procedures to facilitate this process.

Muscle Soreness Recovery Procedures

  •             Natural recovery – after exercise, the muscle cells are triggered to grow even faster. Even though they are now sore, the growth that follows allows them to rejuvenate. The natural healing process takes some time, but it is considered the best. It is no wonder that people are advised to take a break for a few days for the body to address the soreness even when on the best steroid program. For those who do not yet have one, you can view it here for more information.
  •             Foam rolling – nothing is as highly recommended as a muscle soreness reliever than foam rolling. It might be painful to press your body against the foam pad, but you will be surprised how it triggers recovery from this condition. Roll the entire body for uniform healing. Lastly, ensure that you choose the best foam for ideal results.
  •             Body massage – people often go for full-body massages to relax the muscle cells when they feel fatigued. This is the most beneficial when the body is sore. Experts will provide the best results especially if they know the most-affected muscles, which require more attention. Just like foam rolling, this activity is a bit painful at the beginning, but the end results are nothing but amazing.
  •             Drink water and eat the right food – hydrating the body after exercise facilitates the flushing out of lactic acid that builds up in your muscle cells. Research has shown that water is excellent for recovery. Equally important is the right diet that includes protein-rich food. This food triggers cell growth and consequently muscle recovery.
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The Takeaway

If you use these procedures to promote cell health and muscle recovery, then you can proceed with exercise without a problem. The secret is to choose lighter workouts to follow such a period. But if the body is significantly affected, it is best to take some rest.