12 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy in 2019

12 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy in 2019

June 26, 2019 0 By Aria Akachi

The main thing that all parents look out for their child is to keep them happy. All we work for is to want them to grow up to love and to be loved, follow their dreams and find ways for a successful life. All we want is to keep them happy always!

But, do we have enough control over the happiness of our child?

It usually varies from person to person when it comes to the definition of happiness.

The following are the ways in which we can craft a positive, safe and happy environment for our kids:

#1. Make your child wash their hands in a proper manner

One of the most important ways to prevent illness from spreading in the classroom as well as in other places is hand washing. You can help your child a lot to reduce the risk of getting sick and keep her aloft from spreading the illness to others if she is prone to illness or infections.

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Make her blow her nose and use the bathroom before eating. Make sure that your bathroom is dry and free of mold. For this, you need to vacuum your floor daily.

#2. Teaching them the healthy habits to prevent flu & colds

Give your child proper lessons to adapt to healthy habits for the prevention of cold, flu and other infections. Make sure that they endure the healthy habits such as preventing them to touch their eyes with bare hands or refraining them from sharing cups and utensils with friends are all among some of their healthy habits.

From your end, you need to ensure that you are giving them a cleaner and proper environment to dwell in by making sure to clean your house every day with a compact vacuum cleaner.

#3. Create a mission statement for your family

For building a stronger family that is narrative and that will ground your child while making smaller and larger decisions in her independent life, this will be a great opportunity to discuss your value as a family altogether. In the following exercise, you need to make sure that your child’s opinions and ideas are central modes herein.

#4. Boost your family’s immune health

It is a crucial way to stay healthy and to drive off illness during the yesteryears and this is achievable when you keep your child’s immune system strong.

For this you need to ensure that your child gets proper sleep, maintain a nutritious diet, manage their stress well, exercise, laugh, and also emphasize on staying clean.

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#5. Check on your child’s anxiety and stress levels

Kids can be prone to a lot of stress each day with pressure from home works, tests, and social pressures. Stress and anxiety can bring about a negative impact on your kid’s health similar to what happens to grownups. Lookout to spot on the symptoms of stress in your kid and look out for ways to manage them well.

#6. Cook together

Cooking is the best gateway that puts a stopper to our busy day so that we can take a sigh of relief. Food is something the binds the family together. You need to create some time to be together with your child and give them a sense of bonding.

#7. Relish over the Mess

Give a break from vacuuming and let the small stains and mess remain in your house. Construct a gigantic fort in the living room with the blankets or take out the great insect that you have kept in the sandbox. You can clean everything together as these moments are best you can capture with your kids.

#8. Get your kids a good sleeping habits

You need to ensure that your kid gets enough sleep and this is very important to keep her healthy. Not only for your child’s physical and emotional health but this also makes your kids excel at schools.

#9. Give your child a healthy breakfast

The most important meal of the day is breakfast and this is true especially when it comes to the school kids. For the brain to function well as well as to maintain a steady level of energy throughout the day a balanced breakfast of low-fat protein and complex carbohydrates is very important.

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#10. Sow in a gratitude attitude

Foster in the optimism, compassion, and hope with the expression of the gratitude and identifying the things that we are grateful for. Stick on a chart on the wall or the fridge and keep fun markers and pens on that the child can use to write on whatever he loves for this family.

#11. Sing together

You can create a community and bring on the emotions with music. Songs can bring on as a great friend to your kids and make them laugh and smile the night long.

#12. Give your kids an after school snack

After school, it is well-known that the kids are almost famished. To meet on the convenient you need not sacrifice good nutrition; use some simple and quick ideas.

#13.What Can You Gather From Children’s Books?

Children’s books may have skinny covers, but they include many life lessons. All the lessons we took away from them, including friendship, love, adventure, and acceptance, continue to serve us well now. 

Some children’s books have stood the test of time because their lessons are universal and applicable across cultures and eras. Even when examined through the lens of our adult lives, they are replete with lessons that can provide us with much-needed insight and perspective.