6 Reasons Why Child Care Benefits Children and Parents

6 Reasons Why Child Care Benefits Children and Parents

September 20, 2021 0 By Vishal

It used to be that childcare was just to care for a child while their parents were at work. Today, we realise there are many benefits to putting your child into quality childcare. Here, are our top 6 reasons why child care benefits children and parents.

1. The early years

A child’s first six years are their most formative; self-belief, confidence, and lifelong habits are formed. Parents try their best, but unless they’ve had guidance, they may not realise how to bring the best out in their child. This is where the Early Childhood Educators’ training becomes invaluable. Children become inquisitive learners while parents aren’t burdened with the stress of ‘getting it right’.

2. Routines

School, and work, is full of routine – eating, study, play, home time, and the weekly meeting are all set at certain times. A child who has learnt to follow schedules in childcare copes better with the demands of school and the routines of home – mealtimes, teeth brushing, and bedtime become easier for parents and children.

3. Socialising

Children who don’t partake in any childcare often get a limited view of the world. They may only have contact with family and a limited number of friends, ages, cultures, religions, or abilities. Childcare brings an eclectic array together and teaches children to make friends, to embrace our differences, and to feel included. It also gives parents the time to relax, refresh, and socialise too.

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4. Health

For most children, going to childcare brings the introduction of germs and illnesses that they never been exposed to before. Yes, they may get sick more once they begin childcare, but in return the child builds their immunity. A stronger immunity means fewer sick days as they age, and less days off for working parents.

5. School ready

Again, unless a parent has had training then they won’t know how to prepare their child for school. There is so much more to it than them knowing the alphabet and writing their name. Like following instructions, sitting still, and to how to take advantage of our natural curiosity. Childcare also gives parents the ability to become life ready too, with time to study, train, or work. If you are in Shepparton, you could try child care Shepparton to see what childcare is available in your area.

6. Attention

Young children can demand a lot of attention and as parents we have so much going on that we can’t always give them what they crave. Childcare is centred around the children, giving them attention all day long. Parents no longer have to split their concentration between their child and their chores.

As you can see from our 6 reasons why childcare benefits children and parents, that each benefit for the child has a spin-off benefit for the parent. For children the benefits are immense and future-forming, for parents the benefits equal more time and less stress. A freedom in the knowledge that you are doing the best you can for your child’s future.