Why Good Sleep is Important for Your Child’s Growth

Why Good Sleep is Important for Your Child’s Growth

September 30, 2021 0 By ISF.com

Bedtime can sometimes become a battle zone. Convincing your child to go to sleep might seem like an impossible mission. Although having those few hours of quiet time is crucial for the well-being of parents, it is actually a lot more beneficial than just that. Not only in the first months of life but also the first years, sleep plays a critical role in a child’s development. Having a good night’s rest is crucial for the overall functioning of the body and the mind. Here is why having great snooze is vital for children and tips that might help with the challenge.

Sleep Makes Babies Grow. Literally.

Kids grow up fast – that is no secret. Sometimes it might even feel like they have got bigger just overnight. In fact – that can be true. Having deep sleep is crucial for adequate growth because growth hormones are mostly secreted during a good snooze. That is also a reason why newborns spend so much time sleeping. Although children require less sleep as they get older, it is scientifically proven that kids with deficient levels of growth hormone haven’t been getting a good night’s rest (opposed to average children). That is why choosing an adjustable bed pillow for kids is so important – they have to feel comfortable to get in all the hours of zzzzz.

It Boosts Muscle Repair

Of course, sleep affects our physical bodies too. This is especially true for younger children. To have muscle growth and repair, one must have at least 10 to 12 hours of sleep from age 3 to 12. Poor sleep can lead to all kinds of problems in health. As research shows, bad sleeping habits are associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, and even obesity (also in childhood). Of course, getting your little ones to bed can be a challenge itself. Creating a sleep-inducing environment can be a great help. Soft sheets, room darkening shades, and a memory foam kids pillow can make falling asleep a whole lot easier.

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A Good Snooze – Essential For The Learning Process

We’ve all heard it from our parents in our childhood – sleep is essential to become smarter. It might sound funny, but actually, there is some truth to that. Brain processes consolidate our memories while we are resting. That means sleep has a significant impact on helping children learn new things. Without getting some shut-eye, our brain can’t get rid of the toxins that have accumulated during the day. For your child to have a good night’s rest, pay attention to the overall indoor air quality. A good idea is to choose a pillow for kids with CertiPUR-US certification that demands products to have low levels of chemicals and other artificial ingredients.

Crucial For Attention-Span

Tiredness makes you distracted, whether you are an adult or a child. But a lack of sleep has an even more destructive effect on kids. Even adding as little as 27 minutes of extra snooze per night can make their day a whole lot easier and manageable, allowing them to focus on schoolwork and or other different activities. Furthermore, if your child consistently doesn’t have enough sleep before age three, they have a higher risk of having hyperactivity problems. Of course, toddlers don’t always have the best relationship with bedtime. Using a cooling pillow for kids ensures your baby will have quality sleep, especially because most children are sensitive to temperature.

Sleep Affects Weight

Research shows that tired children crave food that is not as healthy (typically, higher in fat or carbs). While your baby or toddler might not have a big say in planning their meals, older kids have a bigger chance to make decisions for their diet. With years, the sleep-weight connection seems to snowball. Even in infancy, not having a good rest can cause obesity problems. Even for younger children, it is important not to use food as a source of comfort. Instead – try swaddling and swinging which can positively affect children’s sleep and also weight. After all – there is nothing that a parent’s cuddle can’t cure.

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Keep The Germs Away

Having a strong immune response is essential for the growth of children. After all – if you are sick, there is not much you can do. As it turns out, during sleep, the bodies of children produce proteins that are known as cytokines. These small proteins are crucial in controlling the activity of the immune system as well as blood cells. Due to this, individuals that lack sleep (for example, have less than seven hours of rest) have a bigger chance of developing a cold. Whenever you are sick, sleeping becomes challenging, creating a cycle of bad habits and health issues.

Tips To Get Your Child To Bed:

  • Get rid of their fears. At some point, every child develops some kind of fear. Although scary creatures do not roam around at night, don’t forget to take your baby’s feelings into account. Make sure to address whatever is concerning them during the day.
  • Turn off the screens before bedtime. As you may know, the blue light that we get from all kinds of devices (phones, TVs, and computers) may negatively affect our sleep. The same goes for children. So make sure your child turns off their devices at least two hours before bedtime. 
  • Stick with a routine – try to put your child to sleep and wake them up at the same time every day. Of course, during weekends, your schedule might change a bit but try not to switch it up too much.