7 Simple and Fun Ways ESL Learners Must Try for Learning English

7 Simple and Fun Ways ESL Learners Must Try for Learning English

March 31, 2021 0 By amanv1067

Struggling with grammar? Getting tired of the textbooks? Failing to grasp the pronunciations? All of that is natural when you are learning a new language, especially English. The key is to practice. But from where can you derive inspiration when you are just feeling bored and frustrated? Well, mentioned below are a few fun yet effective ways that ESL learners can try.

Scrabble is a popular board game in which the players use random letters for creating words in a crossword manner. It is considered an amazing way of reinforcing your English vocabulary because it challenges you to think in English. You may play scrabble on Facebook. Here it goes by the name, Words with Friends.

  • Watch YouTube

You can learn a lot from YouTube since it has channels for almost everything – starting from cooking to dancing and even learning English. Some of the channels that you may opt for include Real English, BBC Learn English, Business English Pod, and JenniferESL. Do subscribe so you can find the videos easily.

  • Look Out for a Conversation Buddy

According to the experts working in the best ESL Company, you can fix your English speaking skills to a great extent by conversing with someone who is fluent in the language. You can search for such buddies online and have interactions with them through emails, Skype, or instant messenger.

  • Use Resources Reserved for the Children

The English books written for children are not that difficult, and you can rely on them to learn the primary words and how to form sentences. The stories are generally more fascinating than the dialogues found in regular grammar books. You can also play communicative games that are designed for young English learners. 

  • Start a Blog in English

If you are familiar with the concept of blogging, you can start your own blog page in English. You do not have to publish your writings if you are feeling self-conscious. Just spend a little time everyday writing in English – it does not need to be informative. Write about what you did or how your studies are going. This drill helps you be comfortable in describing your hobbies and interests.

  • Sing Karaoke

Learn the lyrics of famous English songs and then sing along with them. You do not necessarily have to go to a karaoke bar. You can sing at home when you are cooking, cleaning, getting ready for the day, taking a shower, etc. This will help you comprehend the intonation.

  • Change the Location

Sitting in the same place can become monotonous. If you usually study at your home, try going to a coffee shop or a library. The change of the scenery will enhance your enthusiasm and memory, too, as per some researches.

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The aforementioned ways have proven to help several individuals learn English that too within a short period. Of course, it will be better if you can carry them out while taking a class led by someone qualified, efficient, and experienced. The Asiatic nations such as China assure lucrative job opportunities in schools (both private and public), colleges, universities, kindergartens, and language centers.