Packing tips for large families

Packing tips for large families

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Having a family is a beautiful thing, but having a large family can be even more fulfilling. It is like a gift. In fact, it is a gift that sows joy in life. Even if there are some minor problems here and there, you can always count on your family to be there for you! One of the situations that you might find yourself in is having to move. Now, this is stressful enough for one person. When a large family needs to be organized for relocation, the whole process can be a bit tricky. That is where packing tips for large families can come in handy. However, these packing tips are not exclusive to large families. Smaller families and individuals looking for packing advice can also utilize them for maximum efficiency. So, let’s get started.

Large families need large preparations

As with anything in life, preparation is the key to success, and a family relocation is not different. The most common reasons why people relocate can be very different. This is especially true for large families. The only difference is that the size of your family determines the scope of the preparation. The most common preparation activities include:

  • Finding the right home in the right neighborhood
  • Finding a good and reliable moving company
  • Determining the budget
  • Making a moving checklist
  • Packing
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While the first four steps of the preparation process can be relatively easy, the last one can be very tiring. That is why you should follow these packing tips for large families because you don’t want to be exposed to stress more than necessary. Moreover, if you happen to find you have too much stuff you don’t use, consider downsizing. Studies have shown that downsizing has many direct benefits, like lowering energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint.

Meticulousness – one of the best packing tips for large families

To be meticulous means to show great attention to detail and to be very careful and precise. This is exactly the trait you need if you are looking for the best way to prepare a large family for moving.

It is important to note that you should organize the packing process room-by-room. So, for example, if you have a four-bedroom home that you need to pack, start by packing one room at a time. Even though it is quite appealing to split the workload between your family members, it isn’t a good option that everyone packs their own room. The reason for that is simple and is best described in the following phrase: two brains are better than one. Well, in this case – at least four brains are better than one. It’s better if you pack one entire room as a team than as an individual.

Before you start with packing, it is essential to prepare the necessary materials. Thesе should include tape, labels (or markers), bubble wrap, boxes, and suitcases. If you don’t have access to bubble wrap, you can always use some packing paper; it will also do the job. Different items require different levels of attention, so it is imperative to dedicate more time to treat family treasures with extra attention. When packing heirlooms and other valuables, make sure to use extra padding and fill the boxes entirely so that the items don’t move and break during transit.

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Inclusion is a great way to make the move easier on your children

It is a fact that everyone has certain fears when it comes to moving. So do children, and even though most adults can’t identify with them, you can do a few things to make the moving process much easier for the children. There is one universal method that should always work – include your youngsters in the moving process. The other methods you will choose entirely depend on your kids’ age.

Inclusion is a crucial psychological factor that will drive your children in one way or another. Either they will hate you for having to move, or they won’t be upset. To avoid the former, it is crucial to talk to them and let them know that you are there for them. Some habits that might be present in your family are not necessarily good. While there are many things to do to break free from bad habits as a family, nothing can yield results like a home relocation. Therefore, you must ensure that your kids are fully participating, per their possibilities.

Don’t rush them; give them time and space to think about the whole process. To help them come to terms with the entire situation, try and go with them to your new home destination. Let them meet their new teachers and professors, show them around the neighborhood, and reveal to them the positive side of this new community. Eventually, they will accept the move and gladly wait for the moving day to come.

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Teenagers can be a bit more difficult

If you happen to have teenagers, there are some more difficulties you might face. The reason is that teenagers have already matured enough to grow fond of the community they originated in. Although there is the option mentioned above of going to your moving destination with them, it is much harder to “make them” give up on their friends, acquaintances, and crushes. You will have to put much more time into talking if you want them to come to terms with the move.

Double-check if everything is there is the ultimate packing tip for large families

After you packed everything, it always good to double-check if everything is there. This especially goes for situations where there is no possibility of returning, like in the case you sold your house. Both you and your children can significantly benefit from the dozen minutes you will spend checking around the house if everything is packed.

Of course, you don’t want to do a blind double-check. Remember the moving list we mentioned at the beginning? Now is the time to make full use of it! Go through every room that is on the list in this specific order. If you are not taking your furniture with you, check every closet, cabinet, and drawer. Make sure that everything you want to bring with you is packed and ready to go.

Use these packing tips as a guide to making the process of moving a time for family bonding

The preparation for moving can be seen as an irritating hassle or an opportunity for the family members to bond. The latter option is definitely much better and much more productive and is exactly what you want to aim for. Although it will be challenging and time-consuming, you as a family will feel much better helping each other out. That way, the new home will immediately light up in a positive atmosphere.