Best High Paying Jobs in Bangladesh for 2020

Best High Paying Jobs in Bangladesh for 2020

March 27, 2019 0 By Pioneer DZ

Are you looking for jobs in Bangladesh? And concerned about what are the high paying jobs in Bangladesh? Then you are in right place.

This article will tell you all about the best high paid jobs in Bangladesh in 2020, why they are the highest paying jobs and as a bonus, what to expect & what you can do to get hired in Bangladesh!

Traditionally, doctors and engineers have always been the most sought after professions due to the high earnings associated with healthcare & engineering sector jobs. No need to be alarmed, this is still true!

But due to the rapid technological advances towards digitalization in Bangladesh, the scope for other sectors to offer high paid positions has also increased. Some of the best paying jobs of 2020 not only include positions in healthcare & engineering, but also in information technology, data analytics, consultancy, digital marketing, software development, and top level managerial positions in IT.

So, why are these positions so well paid?

Not limited to Bangladesh, all companies and organizations across the globe give employee salaries based on supply & demand. If there is a demand for job and there is a lack of supply for qualified candidates to fill that demand, then they will be compensated heftily. There are three essential things that determine the worth of an employee to an employer:

  • The demand for the candidate’s skill or service
  • The level of expertise of the candidate in the job role
  • The potential value created by the candidate for the company

One of the common requirements for these jobs is advanced education, this is not an absolute must but it significantly improves the earning potential of an employee. Many other jobs with no advanced education or specialized training are also in huge demand in Bangladesh. Read about the extremely high demand for blue-collar jobs in Bangladesh and how to get them here check out this article –  Best Platform for Blue Collar Jobs in Bangladesh

Now, let’s look at the most anticipated list – the top ten high paid jobs in Bangladesh for 2020:

Top 10 High Paid Jobs in Bangladesh for 2020


Average Annual Salary in BDT

IT Project Manager


Marketing Manager


Lecturer / Professor


HR Manager


Software / App Developer






Online Marketing Professional






* Source: Independent Survey Results from

Expectations When You Get Hired in Bangladesh for High Paid Jobs

No need to be surprised when looking at the salaries associated with these job positions!

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Let’s take a more detailed look into these particular job sectors and the related positions with a lucrative salary tag in addition to a huge growth in demand. Before you go through this article you should also check these things before applying for a job online.


IT Project Manager / HR Manager / Marketing Manager

The biggest takeaway from the list and of course, the current employment sector is the need for proper management with qualified employees. Whether it is in the IT sector, manufacturing sector, financial or any other industry, the need for appropriate management staff and especially, a top level manager is absolutely critical to the success of a company with salaries of more than 90,000 BDT.

In the information technology (IT) sector, project managers are relied upon to evaluate certain business requirements, they must effectively communicate with all levels of clients, stakeholders and internal management of staff to ensure maximum success. They not only translate requirements into solutions but also work to enhance and process with efficiency. They are the go to person in every IT firm to plan, lead, organize, and control multiple organizational projects.

In the manufacturing industry, plant managers hold the complete responsibility of products from production to shipment. All the while they must be ensuring both quantity & quality at the minimal cost while fulfilling orders.

Furthermore, HR managers in every organization are responsible for ensuring scheduling, recruitment, and other employee processing at all times to maintain a good employment vibe both for employees and top level stakeholders.

There are many other specific management staff such as strategy managers, those who drive strategic decisions for multiple functions of an organization to identify critical issues and business improvement opportunities. They are also involved in monitoring market trends to continuously help a company to adjust to changing conditions, and always understand competitor practices and market best behavior.

To Get Hired:

You must be an expert in your industry with at least 10 years of experience in the particular industry to prove your worth and value for becoming a top level manager with an organization. While you may be able to get a job with as little as 5 years of experience, companies require someone with a lot of experience to deal with the many challenges that comes with this role.

Software Developers

Mobile App Developer/Web designer/Software engineer

The software development industry is absolute goldmine for those who have pursued software engineering or IT in education or are good at programming, even without formal education. These job roles earn upwards of 60,000 BDT as a fresher. So the scope of earning a high salary is tremendous as most employees tend to double their salary by the 3rd year of employment.

Although there are a large number of graduates from Computer Science and Programming backgrounds, the lack of professional skills set has created a very low supply of candidates. Meaning, the demand of high salaries has increased for these jobs, both locally and globally.

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Experienced software architects, data architects, developers and programmers are considered an asset in any IT firm. They are not only effective in developing the architectural analysis and design for many companies and their systems, they are an integral partner of the business stakeholders. Software developers are constantly involved in the research, design, test, and development of new technologies and vendor solutions.

To Get Hired:

You must be an expert problem solver in terms of programming, coding with relevant knowledge of industry advancements. Regardless of your experience or even for a fresher, the hiring process is highly technical. Companies require individuals who are knowledgeable and capable of working under pressure for these roles as they are based on tight deadlines.

Engineering Professionals

Electrical /Civil/ Automobile/ Aeronautical Engineers / Architects

Engineering professionals have traditionally been employees with great salaries, whether they are electrical or civil engineers. The salary largely depends on the specific company of employment but most companies offer an average salary of 70,000 BDT with relevant experience.

Senior level engineers are responsible for hiring, training and supervising teams of engineers. They not only work with a team but also, develop and execute plans for product development and re-engineer processes for a more efficient and effective method of production. All while ensuring the budget is at bay.

To Get Hired:

You must possess an engineering degree from a reputed institution to get hired. For senior level positions, you must possess at least 2-3 years of relevant experience. Engineering jobs are fixed salary positions which can range to be very high depending on the specific company of employment.

Medical Professionals

Doctors / Surgeons / Dentists

The medical sector and careers in it are truly very rewarding, both in terms of the satisfaction from the work and the monetary compensation. Especially in Bangladesh, depending on the level of specialization and how many hours of a day you can stay awake to work, a medical professional is capable of earning more than 100,000 BDT per month. Most seniors earn that much in a week or even a day based on their reputation.

There are many other medical roles which have a handsome salary associated with them both locally and globally. Physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, chemists, dentists, etc. can all earn very healthy salary in Bangladesh from not only a company job, but also from private practice, consultancy, lectures, referrals, etc.

While physicians are able to diagnose and treat illnesses in hospitals, urgent care facilities, etc. Doctors also diagnose and prescribe medications, perform surgical procedures, make referrals to specialists, etc. Nurses treat minor injuries, consult with physicians regarding complicated cases, and refer patients. Chemists or pharmacists work in laboratories to process blood and other highly sensitive chemical production facilities.

To Get Hired:

You must possess an MBBS degree and start training with a hospital to slowly gain in experience and knowledge before making high earnings. While there is a proper medical professional hierarchy globally, Bangladesh still lacks in a proper structure. Many professionals pursue individual or group practice for maximizing earning potential.

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Online Marketing Professionals

Social Media Marketer / Bloggers / SEO Consultant

One of the most up and coming, interesting sector of employment is in the form of online jobs. The rapid digitalization and the growth of web and social media presence has fueled this industry over the past decade and it continues to grow.

The online marketing sector, as the name suggests is a marketing sector, so the more an individual is able to market themselves, the more they can earn. The opportunities are tremendous and continue to grow for the likes of social media account manager, search engine optimization specialist, content marketer, PPC services expert, and even social media influencer.

The earning potential of a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, online marketing manager, content manager, social media expert or Google/ Facebook ad specialist is tremendous, even other online jobs that nobody goes for.

To Get Hired:

You do not need a specific degree or educational qualification, but a solid grip of the online marketing sector backed with fluent communication in the English language is a must. It is even easier for someone with any kind of background in coding, programming, or web development to excel in this field. While SEO & jobs are not extremely technical, they are certainly developing to become highly technical.

The Need to Focus on Creating More High Paid Jobs in Bangladesh

As we briefly mentioned earlier, Bangladesh has been rapidly growing over the past decade as it marches towards the goal of a Digital Bangladesh. While it’s clear that the employment sector has been less than impressive in performance, it’s true that economic growth is on the up!

As the digital or IT sector has the potential to fuel growth to become a major source of in the country, the appropriate government & private sector partnerships need to happen for faster growth. For example, looking at the opportunities and growth potential, appropriate policies need to be in place for digitalization across all industries.

In addition, it’s not just about growing individually as a nation, but it’s also the transformation to efficiency rather just growth in numbers. To become part of the global economy, Bangladesh is experiencing rapid changes which need to be applied in all sectors, both government and private.

There are many factors which affect the availability of high paying jobs across sectors. Due to advancing technologies, certain jobs will vanish while other positions are created. While this may be somewhat distant future in Bangladesh, it is certainly approaching at a good rate.


Hope you got a good idea of the highest paying jobs in Bangladesh, which is not too different from the global employment sector as well. If you have the skills or desire to be involved with any of these high paid jobs then not only will you enjoy a lucrative salary, but also make yourself a global candidate.

These jobs are well paid, trendy, and in the ever evolving IT influenced sectors. So it is a smart decision to pursue after a demanding job skill rather than other sectors which may be well paid but not be specialized or as in-demand in Bangladesh.

Moreover, there are many other jobs which may pay higher salaries or similar salaries in sectors that we may not have mentioned.

Regardless of which job you apply for, make sure you prepare yourself well for the interview process. 

Be confident in yourself & Best of Luck!