Home Automation System | A Guide To Make A Smart Home

Home Automation System | A Guide To Make A Smart Home

January 18, 2019 0 By Nesar Uddin

Home automation system provides an opportunity to connect all existing appliances, these are used in a smart home, with a smart hub that is the master key to control.

All devices, those you use in your home, are connected by different technologies to create an area where they start working to make an operation from appliances to appliances and devices to devices, we can call it, ‘Home Automation System’.

Saving time and money is the first choice for those who want to make a smart home.

If you think, having to save time, money and energy to live in this world with happiness, this article can help you to have a clear idea.

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Before we start, To choose the best smart door locks, cameras, and hubs for making HEAVEN, this article helps to pick the best one.

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How Does It Work?

Here has to be a key component that will control all appliances, send signals to all, and order to complete an operation that comes from the source.

So, a hub, PC, laptop, tablet or a smartphone may be the main controlling device that I have mentioned as a ‘key component’ before.

The source is YOU, who use PC, smartphone or something like that as a key component, and this component is the key master who sends signals to all appliances to complete the operation.

By this process, your home will become a smart home.

Want to make?

home automation system

Types of Home Automation

In here, today, I’ll discuss three types of the process, you need to make a smart home.

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1. Power Line

Existing power lines you have in a home, here is a chance to connect with that power line utilizing the automation information and signals to transfer. The good news is that this process is so inexpensive, but have a complexity to set up because you need an extra converter and circuit to connect.

2. Wired Home Automation

Here is one controller who sends signals to all wired-connected devices that are ready to follow the order of the main controller.

3. Wireless Home Automation

No need to require any wired-connected device to send signals if you use wireless home automation.

Actually, this type of automation technology is expanded and updated from wire home automation.

So, you are in this updated technology, would be better not to go making wire home automation.

Wi-fi, Z-Wave technology, ZigBee technology, and Bluetooth, all technologies provides wireless facilities, send signals and automation information from devices to devices, appliances to appliances without wire.

The Component Of Home Automation

Here, in this article, you’re going to take a brief look at some of the possible components (I’ll focus on the security appliances at all)  of a home automation technology that helps to choose the priority appliances from the big list.

You’re ready to read, I think.

The Hub

For making a home design with home automation, you need a headquarter, right?

The hub serves as a headquarter to enable connections, send signals and data to all connected devices to amplify application, collect information from every corner of your home to forward in the proper place.

But in that case, here are some devices these are non-computing, for that the hub is must be required for connecting to those to communicate.

So, Not surprisingly, the hub is a most important thing to consider making home automation and plays a key role.

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Here is another opportunity to add additional devices to your convenience if you have a headquarter, yeah, that is a hub.

For having the best service, need the best hub, right?

Here is a list of those work best for you.

  • Amazon Echo 2nd Generation.
  • Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation.
  • Samsung Smartthings Hub.
  • Wink Hub 2.
  • Logitech Remote Control Hub.

smart home

Door Locks & Security

As you have made a smart home, or want to do, not good to use the old door locks instead of the smart locks.

For security purposes, now most of the people search the smart locks to enhance the level of security that brings peace in mind.

To be hassle-free, no way to use without the best smart door locks, because keyless convenience is an important advantage people like most and the demand for it, is increasing day by day.

You might have noticed in the market, people who come to buy the door lock, his home is smart or not, order to the locksmith for a keyless door lock, right?

This is the same in the online shop (Amazon, eBay), there are lots of reviews of keyless door lock on these sites.

So, making home automation, these types of locks must be needed to increase the smartness of your home.

At first, you should know some features that help you a lot.

When someone (guest, friend) comes next to the door, you have an option to let him enter unlocking the door from anywhere via the smartphone.

Getting a notification is very easy when your kids arrive safely.

And you can unlock the front door for the pet lover at the time of feeding them.

Another thing, need to know, every locking and unlocking the door, you can track from anywhere through the app, so, in the summer vacation, need not follow the tips from different websites to protect the home, if you use the smart door locks.

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Here is something to remember that, the burglar industry is inventing the new tricks to unlock any types of locks, so to prevent the house from them, must install the smart locks on the door.

Here is a list of the best smart door locks:

  • August Smart Lock.
  • Kevo 2nd Generation.
  • Schlage BE469 Z-Wave.

The Cameras

After installing the home automation system, not a good thing if you are unable to watch live of home.

So, now you need security cameras to watch live what’s happening in your smart home, right?

The smart features those are built-in brings a new level of security at the home, can watch everything happening from anywhere.

Here is another option, can communicate with the person who has come next to the door to visit through the audio system of cameras, doesn’t matter where you are.

At homework time, if your kids watch TV, play anything you can warn them and order them to study via the camera’s audio.

They will hear you and you too.

Great! Isn’t it?

And the time of danger, you’ll be notified by the notification and the built-in siren.

A list of cameras that can help you to choose:

  • Netgear Arlo Pro Security System.
  • Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera.
  • Lynx Indoor 1080p Wifi Home Security Camera.

smart home

Final Words

To make a smart home, you need many appliances that are compatible with your automation technology.

But at first, you should focus on to install the security appliances (door locks, security cameras) that ensure the maximum security.

For that, after providing a clear idea to make a smart home. I have discussed the security devices in this article that help you to choose the best one for your smart home.

What is your thought?