How Vehicle Tracking System For Fleet Vehicle?

 How Vehicle Tracking System For Fleet Vehicle?

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The global market economy, today, is being taken over by on-request or on-demand businesses and organizations. When businesses that offer various services and products undergo an expansion, they require more number of transport options. This is when the concept of a fleet vehicle comes into the picture. Companies dealing with furniture, food, appliances, etc., as well as services like laundry opt for fleet operations.                                    

What is Fleet Service Technology?

Fleet services lease motorized vehicles to business establishments of all shape and size. Company-owned automobiles are not considered as a fleet. It refers to the cars, buses, trucks, and even air-crafts that are rented by separate organizations who specialize in fleet services and management. When a company chooses fleet vehicle services, it allows for an optimal and comprehensive management and maintenance of its fleet automobiles. There are several benefits associated with this technology ranging from reduced risks and efficient functionality to safety assurance and high performance.

With the progression of the digital world, administration, tracking and supervision of fleet vehicles have become better and more effective. The fleet operating systems have come to make a difference where it looks after driver licensing, vehicle registration, bookings, automobile maintenance and a lot other aspects. In this article, we shall learn more about vehicle tracking system and the advantages it offers for fleet management.

Reasons to Consider Fleet Management Services

Businesses and trades face continuous competition where each one struggles and attempts to reach efficiency, better performance and profitable outcomes. Firms and organizations that involve transportation needs often opt for fleet vehicle management. It is beneficial to look into the key factors that determine business to make this decision.

Fleet Data Management

The management of multiple vehicle- drivers, fuel consumption, service delivery, breakdown issues-generates a lot of data each day. It becomes a difficult task to keep a trail of all the information. The fleet automation organizations allow fleet operators to have a clear view of all the information and analytics on a single screen. This includes the routes taken, location, trip history, malfunctions and much more.

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Safety of Driver

Fleet management resources primarily focus on driver safety and performance. Fleet managers track the behavior as well as driving habits of the vehicle operator. All this knowledge help assess road safety and vehicle reliability. Managers remain alert for any sign of non-compliance, malpractice, abidance of law and so on.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Prices of fuel keeps fluctuating that pose as a challenge on the budget. Fleet operators help identify possible saving options. Moreover, fuel efficiency is no simply determined by fuel price alone. Other features like maintenance cost, servicing of oil filets, speeding control and other associated aspects need to be taken into account. Fleet automation services provide a complete analysis of driving behavior to maintain optimal fuel consumption and address potential issues.

Computerized Reports

Fleet managers need to maintain various tabs of information. Services try to ensure the provision of meaningful insights against the different standardized procedures. To that end, clear reports and overviews of delivery status, mileage report, fuel reports, working shifts, routes followed, asset performance, etc., are generated.

Developed Maintenance

Efficient fleet maintenance is essential for a prolonged vehicle lifespan. Fleet management technology and services use artificial intelligence to assess possible vehicle issues and arrive at predictive safeguarding tools and techniques. The system notifies the mileage, load, driving quality, road conditions, breakdowns and emergency requirements for the feel manager to arrange for the needed repair, preventative measures or replacement solutions.

Time Management

Fleet vehicle renting companies ascertain an optimized and eco-friendly business strategy. It looks for possible approaches to reduce expense and fuel consumption, highlight on the best possible routes and make provision for re-routing as well. Technologies have taken over the operations that were highly complicated when done manually.

Customer Satisfaction

The fundamental objective of any business apart from profit-making is to certify customer satisfaction. Fleet services help simplify bookings for clients, arrange for notification updates regarding delay or anything else. The GPS tracking facility provides with real-time location of the automobiles, provides with ETA precision and much more.

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In this data-oriented ecosystem, fleet technology solutions are creating optimized logistic answers to your business requirements.  The mentioned benefits along with reduced thefts, higher driving standards, cost efficiency and fraudulence preventive measures show how fleet management organizations can help in business and trade boom. Let us now move into the section of fleet tracking technology and learn more about vehicle tracking system.

What is Automobile Tracking?

GPS tracking of vehicles is a telematics technological expertise that uses an interface to gather information regarding the vehicle location and other related data. A GPS tracking mechanism is installed in the vehicles to be able to capture and record the data. It records the ignition, fuel consumption and other information and transfers it to a software interface that is made available in a cloud computing program.

The vehicle tracking technology also has an alert notification system that informs about glitches, vehicle positions and possible service disruptions. The system uses different satellites to map the position of a GPS vehicle and also offers cellular communication.

If you run a business that requires the assistance of a fleet vehicle management service you are at the right place to learn more about vehicle tracking system. Let us now dive into how GPS vehicle tracking tools operate that are considered to be effective solutions for businesses. The fleet telematics is aligned with the GPS trackers attached in the company’s fixed assets, that is, vehicles.

How does GPS Fleet Tracking Technology Work?

 It is important to have an understanding of the basics of how a fleet tracking system functions in a systematic fashion. The main concern of the tracking technology is to broadcast vehicle related information like location, status, direction, speeding, etc.

Hardware and Software

Fleet vehicle tracking arrangements rely on both software and hardware components. The GPS hardware helps gather data with the assistance of GPS coordinates. The software, on the other hand, is a system that displays the collected data in multiple forms such as tables, maps, etc., to the software users.

Main Tracking Technology

The GPS tracking mechanism mainly works with the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This complex system integrate microwave signals from different satellites, transmits them onto the GPS device in order to provide the relevant speeding, real-time location, direction and other fresh data updates.

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Mathematical Calculation

The tracking automation follows the mathematical principle of trilateration. To be able to calculate, the system needs to know location of a particular vehicle from no less than at least three satellites and the distance between the vehicle and its destination. The GPS signals electromagnetic energy waves that helps attain the data and conduct calculations.

Commercial Use

GPS device are used for commercial purposes to record the status of vehicles. Some systems send the data for the creation of a centralized database on a regular and steady basis.

Easy Usage

The GPS tracking solutions can be easily and efficiently operated by businesses through the use of simple desktop or mobile applications.

Search and Rescue

Another significant use of the fleet vehicle tracking systems is its safety operations related to search and rescue. The real-time location tracking technology provides the status of a lost vehicle or person with the help of the installed GPS device. This comes as a crucial support in major disaster situations where the grid system is facilitated to rescue missing people. This mechanism ensures an accurate and high quality search approach.


Tracking technologies send necessary alerts via messages or email onto the software interface regarding the real-time location of a vehicle. Further, fleet metrics like locations can be customized; panic buttons can be incorporated with special add-on options.

Recreational Purpose

Apart from the central search and safety operations, GPS technology can also be utilized for recreational purposes. Activities like hiking, paragliding, geo-coaching or mountain biking avails the assistance of GPS tracking systems for ascertaining the location or calculating the distance traveled and speed. Outdoor enthusiasts consider this as a very basic tool.


Fleet vehicle tracking and management services offer a comprehensive automobile and tracking solution software on a contractual basis. The service providers ensure safety and a steady growth of your business with the provision of reliable applications and algorithms. For further information, it is best to contact a fleet operator and learn more about vehicle tracking system and its associated benefits.