Some Important Instagram-Related Questions

Some Important Instagram-Related Questions to Ask If You Want to Grow Your Web Design Business Online

When you are thinking in terms of creativity and designing, the first social media platform that comes to your mind is Instagram. Instagram is the destination to head for if you wish to grow your web design business and boost your web design brand. Instagram’s highly visual nature makes it the hotspot for getting brilliant design ideas and inspiration and for making smart buying decisions.

We know that Instagram has been experiencing phenomenal growth and a steady increase in popularity ever since its inception in October 2010. There are over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram as of July 2019. It is one of the most popular and frequently used social media platforms and marketers are increasingly falling in love with this visual-based marketing platform. Moreover, we know that the actual number of Instagram advertisers have gone up dramatically since Instagram has proved itself as the best social networking site for boosting customer engagement.

As per, you surely do not need to be an amazing photographer for building a successful following on Instagram. But it would not be a bad idea if you learn to master the art of photography. You simply need to remember that the more stunning and powerful your pictures are, the more they would be standing out from the rest in other Instagrammers’ newsfeeds. This way more and more users would be engaging with your brand and you could see a boost in the total number of your followers for Instagram. Here are some critical questions to ask if you are thinking of growing your web design business and brand online.

How to Make My Bio Interesting?

Your Instagram bio is the window to your soul. You must infuse an element of professionalism and credibility into it to grab user attention. Your bio must be interesting as new visitors or followers would be assessing your profile and making a judgment about your capability as a web designer. Make your bio fascinating by incorporating links to your official website and some other important marketing hubs.

You must consider writing your bio in an interesting way so that visitors find you fascinating enough to contact you. Avoid giving a dull and dry description of who you are and exactly what you do. Provide all relevant information to the Instagrammers but in an intriguing way. Write in a manner to evoke curiosity in your target audience so that they are motivated to click the link and visit your website and pave the way for conversions. Use an outstanding profile picture, crisp, compact and interesting bio write up, CTA or a link to your official website. Remember your fans and followers could get the first impression about you via your Instagram bio.

What Is My Goal?

You must know the exact reason why you are on Instagram. Are you thinking of increasing online traffic to your site? Or are you interested in promoting your web design brand or increasing sales of your web design services? Once you have a clear goal or objective in your mind, you could determine precisely what kind of content would be right for your profile. You could think in terms of integrating these strategies. If you are a freelance web designer looking to boost your follower count on Instagram, you could use a host of effective techniques. You may use popular methods such as setting up scheduled posting every month, using right hashtags or buying likes or followers.

Do My Followers Like to Know Me?

Yes, your followers are very much curious to know more about you as a web design company. You could use Instagram Stories to demonstrate things you actually do. You may post some interesting behind-the-scenes pictures for your followers to know what all is happening within your workplace. Showcase your best design work so that your followers could judge for themselves, your level of efficiency and professionalism.

What Should I Post?

You must post photos that are relevant to your web design business. Post samples of your work to showcase how unique and innovative your design ideas are and how talented you are as a web designer. Always focus on posting images that would be leading back to your official website. Always post unique and authentic content to constantly engage and motivate Instagrammers.

When Must I Post?

If you wish that your fans and followers engage consistently with all your posts, you must seriously consider when you are posting your content on Instagram. There are certain times during the day that are likely to attract more audience. Firstly, when people get up in the morning, they tend to examine their social accounts on their phones. The second wave seems to be around noon when people take a break from work to enjoy their lunch. The final wave seems to be in the evening every day when people are free to browse through their Instagram content or newsfeed. This seems to be the most crucial wave.


We have discussed some of the pertinent Instagram-related questions so that you could understand how to grow your web design business and boost overall online awareness. One thing is pretty clear to all web designers that sharing quality content on the popular Instagram platform would help in driving more traffic to your web design company’s website.

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