Wall hung toilets and other items to create a roomier bathroom

Wall hung toilets and other items to create a roomier bathroom

September 21, 2020 0 By amanv1067

Small bathrooms are often narrow and hard to transform into an attractive and appealing area. However, it does not have to be hard to transform yours with the modern possibilities in the market. Consider placing your little bathroom in an oasis of spa, following these easy steps while starting from wall hung toilets. These are specially designed for smaller spaces and cloakrooms in modern homes. As per the recent trends, the homes are getting tiny as compared to the ancient homes which used to allow huge bathrooms. 



Consider a wall hung toilet for more space. Wall-hanging toilets take much less space than conventional models and offer every bathroom a modern and contemporary look. The concealed tank is slim, acrylic, and has a metal frame that fits in the cavity of a wall including its stubble of 2×6. The frame is also supported by a container that is not on the floor. These toilets are smaller and lighter than exposed tanks, however, the biggest advantages are to have the bowl on the wall. Resultantly, less space in the bathroom would be needed and the floor would be easy to clean.


  • Bath shower 


Apart from a wall hung toilet, consider substituting a shower for your bath. Stand-alone showers are always less space than a traditional bath, and many people prefer. Take your bathtub away, and instead install an enclosed glass shower with seamless doors. Glass block mirrors around the shower can be added to give an illusion of space. This is an excellent way to upgrade your bathroom and give a glance like a larger room. 

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Likewise, you can also install an L or P shaped bath while combining it with a screen. It will give a touch of the shower enclosure and will also make your bathroom splash-free. 


  • Mirror 


Set up a wide mirror. This simple trick can make your bathroom twice the actual. There are numerous stylish mirrors in your local stores, so choose one that fits your style. Install the mirror right on the sink or in your bathroom instead of a larger picture. The reflection from the mirror will give you an enhanced appearance and your room would look elegantly decorated.


  • Pedestal basin 


Complete your bathroom with a pedestal sink. The pedestal sinks are always stylish and take up significantly lesser space than a cabinet model. Likewise, consider saving space and updating the look of the aged bathroom with wall-mounted storage cabinets and shelves. Pedestal sinks are often purchased and are easy to install in plumbing. These two points make a one-day home improvement project.


  • Walls and Ceiling 


For your walls, select a light color. This is an easy challenge for you to do but, for sure, your space will feel bigger, at a low cost. To create a relaxing and warm environment, select a shade from green, blue, beige, or yellow. Consider also painting a very bright white ceiling, baseboards, and door. 

In nutshell 

It could seem frustrating to improve the appearance of a small bathroom, but it must not be impossible. Even the smallest bathrooms feel bigger and more pleasant by making a few cost-effective. It will upgrade the overall comfort of your home. 

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Furthermore, the next question arises about a reliable supplier in the market. You can find a number of suppliers who are offering short projection toilet UK and all the space-saving products online. Select the retailer which has the most suitable sizes as per the available space in your bathroom and budget in your pocket. The Royal bathrooms have all the above products at affordable rates and provide free home delivery to the customers. Reach them now!