Marketing Jobs: One of The Highest Paying Careers

Marketing Jobs: One of The Highest Paying Careers

February 3, 2020 0 By insyncfamilies

Hi, guys, welcome back to my site. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about a job which is marketing. I work in marketing so I thought, I’ll go ahead and create a whole article on it. So this is really gonna be for people who are just starting out marketing or interested in getting into marketing, whether you’re studying or already working. And so I’m going to mostly focus on how to get a job in marketing for the ins and outs of things that you might want to know. And also, I’m going to touch briefly upon what my average day of work looks like.

Overview of the Marketing Jobs

As an overview, there are low different specialisms within marketing. You can go into events, you can go into digital advertising, creative. There are just so many different categories. And within those categories, you also get different specialisms. So for example, in digital marketing, you can go into e-mail marketing or social media SEO PPC. There are only so many different specialisms you can go into. So it’s worthwhile thinking about what you want to do and you know if you’re very young. Also, if you have an internship or something like that, giving everything a try so you get a feel for what suits you.

It’s also worth keeping in mind where you want to go. So if your ambitions are to be a marketing director one day, it’s advisable not to be too niche. And if you are quite a niche, then still keep an open mind and try to get new skills.

So for example, if you’re in email marketing, you really want to be looking at gaining other skills. If you want to be a digital marketing director one day because there aren’t really directors of e-mail marketing, you have digital direct digital marketing directors and you have Marketing directors. You have CMO is but you won’t really get someone who’s only focused on email marketing becoming a director. So it’s worthwhile keeping in mind that if you do you want to go niche that you still kind of getting other skills if you do want to progress up the ladder. Generally speaking, the bigger the company, the more niche the roles you’ll be able to find. So in really big companies like Coca-Cola or A-4, you’re going to have, you know, at least one person, if not a team for email marketing, for social media. For all those different factions. Whereas if you work for a small company, you’re really gonna need to have one person that could do everything or one or two people.

Generally speaking, the more general and broad the Marketing role goes for very big companies. They want Niche skills just because they have that many more people that they don’t want. Lots of general marketing people. They’re going to want people with very, very specific niche skills. So that’s something to keep in mind. Obviously, with a bigger company, you have lots of benefits. You know, often they pay more and benefits or that kind of stuff. But with smaller companies, you can often gain more experience. So Stephanie work, mind what you want if you want to go for a brand name on your CV. Or if you don’t mind, you just want to get loads of really great experience. I think generally speaking, from what I’ve seen from the marketplace, there is definitely a shift towards getting results to type marketing if that makes sense. So my current role, which is a broader general role, so you know, I do mostly events, but that’s just because it’s what suits the company and its need. I also do a bit of everything and the brief foray much is whatever gets the job done and it’s very results orientated that way. And I think that’s common in a lot of B2B companies. So I work in a B2B, which means business to business, meaning we sell to other businesses rather than B2C, which is the consumer and selling to the customer or the public.

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Result Oriented

So a marketing job is very much about getting the results. That means generating good leads and making sure that the sales team is well equipped, kind of close deals. That’s very much a B2B kind of perspective. But whatever job you have essentially or come down to achieving results and it does vary how much freedom you get to do that. In a marketing job, you will have quite a bit of freedom, but it is very much about whatever gets the job done. So if US events work works really well, but that won’t be true of other companies, perhaps even within the same industry. So for me, it’s very much about getting results and seeing kind of those bottom-line sales. As I said, that will vary, but it is very, very results orientated.

Agency Service

Another option available is to choose work either in-house or on the agency side. So generally speaking, agencies will be specialized either in digital marketing or creative services or PR. If you consider that under marketing and whereas in-house is obviously slightly different, an agency, you have clients and you’ll have accounts that you work on, whereas obviously if you’re in-house, you only have the one brand that you’re gonna work on. Personally speaking, I prefer working in-house. I’ve worked on both sides and I just really like the idea of kind of investing in a brand, learning about its products and really learning how to sell them and market them.

Whereas obviously on the agency side you have clients and so you have different accounts. So you have more variety, I guess working with lots of different brands, but you don’t necessarily get that super in-depth knowledge. So that’s something to consider way, whether you further variety or kind of really going in depth. For me, it’s all about being in-house, but obviously that’s just up to personal preference.

Levels of Marketing Job

In terms of the different levels that you go in at the different job titles, generally speaking, it goes marketing assistant or coordinator to Marketing, executive to marketing manager in big companies.

Then get a senior marketing manager and then you can go up to marketing director or CMO, which is a chief marketing officer. There is a lot of variation within the industry though, and you have just different titles.

So you’ll get, you know, a marketing campaign manager or you know, especially if it’s specialized while you have digital marketing executive or email marketing executive. So there is a lot of variation. But generally speaking, those the common ones or if you work for an investment bank, they have completely different job types altogether. So it starts off as analyst and then I think its associate and then it’s like vice president is really confusing.

And then you have a director, which is high or it’s so confusing. But generally speaking, in most normal Marketing companies, it goes assistant executive manager and then director.

Salary Range

I also thought it might be useful to go over what kind of salary you can expect at different levels. This is by no means definitive or backed up or anything. It’s just my experience in the job market. What I’ve been offered, what my friend’s been offered and what I’ve seen advertised, though no research at all, is just my experience of it. And it’s also obviously specific to the job market. Please keep in mind that if you’re based elsewhere, this might not be true where you live. Often salaries are a lot higher because the cost of living is so much higher.

Generally speaking, for a marketing system or coordinating role, you can expect anywhere from $18,000 to $26,000 or $27,000. Marketing Executive Anywhere from $20,000 to $35,000 for a Marketing manager. You can expect $30,000 to $65,000. So obviously very big jumps. And generally speaking, the higher the role or the more senior the role, the bigger the difference can be in terms of salary range from, you know, a very small company that doesn’t have a low budget to kind of large companies.

Senior marketing manager anywhere from $40000 to $80000. Marketing Director Anywhere from $40000 to one $100000 plus, though obviously a lot of variation and I’m sure you will be able to find jobs at those levels which don’t fall into those salary categories. But generally speaking, from what I’ve seen, that’s what the job market is like in terms of salary. It’s really important to keep in mind the single biggest factor on your salary will undoubtedly be industry. So it’s something to pick very, very carefully. There is huge variations, even at the same level between industry.

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So you get a marketing manager in one industry that will be paid completely differently from a marketing manager in a different industry, generally speaking. And this is just in my experience, the more glamorous industries like fashion or hospitality or retail, they will pay less than more kind of boring industries like finance or professional services. And by professional services I mean accountancy firms or consultancies or law firms, they will generally speaking, pay more than a job in fashion at the same similar kind of level. Just because if you think about it, you know, lots of people are going to want to work for Burberry in their digital marketing. And so there’s no incentive to actually pay a lot of money. I’m not saying that that doesn’t pay well.

Whereas professional services will often pay a lot more. So that’s something that you do have to kind of consider and keep mind.

Variation of Marketing Roles

In terms of what a random average working day might look like, it obviously really depends on what your particular specialism is. If your role is the very nation you work for a very large company, then you will likely have less variation than someone who works in a smaller company, who has a more general marketing role, and they have a bit of everything. You will get a lot of variation. I will say in terms of events, marketing, because of the nature of it, you will have kind of low periods and then you will have super crazy busy periods. And work on a quarterly basis.  Because of events such as the way it works, you know, the closer you get to the event, the busier you’ll be.

Nature of The Marketing Job

Just the kind of nature of the job that at the moment is not as true from other jobs, as I said. It really does depend. But for me, when it’s not event time, an average day will look at, you know, getting some Martire reporting figures. It will be setting up. Campaigns are doing you an email invitation. It might be sourcing new suppliers. It might be checking out venues that might be much planning. Or it will be, you know, planning. A new campaign might be brainstorming. It might be looking at the figures with the sales team. You know, it really does vary. And a lot of it is kind of up to me what I do on that specific day. But we just have kind of targets every quarter that we try and hit. And a lot of it, as I said, is quite creative in how we do that. So it really does vary. I have specifically picked roles which have been quite varied because I don’t like being bored and I do get bored quite easily. But if you’re someone that likes to really get into the depth of something, then perhaps a niche role in a bigger company might be better suited for you.

Some Misconceptions in Marketing

I also wanted to go over some misconceptions about marketing. So I think a lot of people have an opinion about marketing and whether as a profession or, you know, within those companies. And one thing that I sometimes hear is that marketing is quite fluffy. So it’s just about events and party planning and just fun stuff. And that could not be further from the truth. It is not fluffy at all. And more. It’s very data driven. So, you know, I think the company I’m at now is particularly data driven. But that’s true more or more of every company or every role because essentially it all comes down to money. So, you know, marketing is a spender of money in general. And with that always comes the need to rationalize that spend and prove what you’re getting is approving the R-N.Y of any investment or initiative. So it’s very, very data driven. You know, we always have to back things up. We have to produce reporting. And that goes for everything with your doing a digital marketing campaign or you’re doing an event. You always have to kind of quantify the numbers that you’re talking about. So it’s really important to not think that it’s some fluffy thing, which is just, you know, super fun all the time. It’s very, very data driven. It’s very ROIC driven. And so don’t get into marketing thinking that it’s going to be some fun ride because it definitely isn’t. The second misconception is that it’s super glamorous and I’m sure there are marketing jobs out there that are already glamorous. I personally haven’t had any. But I’m sure that of that, in my experience, most marketing jobs are not glamorous. Even if you’re a college student, and want to earn a handsome amount of money if you Buy SMM script and start to resell SMM services.

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It may seem glamorous on the surface, but generally speaking, it involves, you know, staying late and being the ones that repair things and love the boxes around and do all that kind of stuff. So it is not glamorous. It’s definitely a roll up your sleeves kind of job, in my opinion. And the more willing you want to do that, the better you do in your career. And the third misconception is it’s easy. That kind of goes back to the first point, but it’s definitely not an easy job, and especially with the kind of marketing roles going towards a trend of having to prove the value and the worth of every last penny that we’re spending. It’s coming more and more hard. So, you know, it’s difficult to come up with really effective marketing campaigns. It’s difficult. Think of events that are going to be really great or campaigns that are going to be really engaging. And you really have to follow through. So, you know, you have to do the planning organization execution, but also the reporting and the analytics and the approving. And so it’s definitely not an easy job if you want to do it well. However, if you like the kind of combination of being quite creative with being very driven by data and analytics, then marketing could be a really, really great option for you.

3 tips on how to get a job in marketing? 


  •  Gain Experience


My first tip is to gain experience. This is so incredibly important. And whilst I think it’s great to have a degree in marketing if you know that’s what you want to do, I think it’s as if not more important to actually get Real-Life experience of marketing.

It’s incredibly important to do, even if it’s literally just having, you know, two weeks of unpaid work experience on your CV and it’s better than nothing. So how do you do it? Make sure you try and get experience on your CV.


  •  Customize Your Cv


Tip number two is to customize your CV. So it’s really important, I think, to read through the job description of the job you’re applying for and try to mirror that in some way in your CV. I’m not saying lying and may human experience, but you do not have. But there are so many different ways to work things. So I think it’s really important to look at the job scripture and recognize what it’s saying and the kind of person it’s looking for and trying to mirror that in your CV, a rewording in a way that will make it very appealing to the person receiving and reading your application.


  •  Research The Company


And my third final tip is to research the company that you’re applying for. This is especially important if you get to the interview stage. It’s so important to know what you’re getting into. You know something about the company, because that really just shows commitment and enthusiasm about the job that you’re applying for, which is essentially what recruits are looking for.

End Talks

So that’s it for this for you guys. I hope you enjoy it. Found it useful. If you have any questions that leave them for me in the comment section below? As always, thank you so much for reading. And I ask you guys my next one.