Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

February 26, 2020 0 By insyncfamilies

Welcome back to my site, today we are going to discuss the Top 15 highest paying jobs in Canada this year.

So let’s look at this. Fifteen occupations right now.

01. Sales Associate

Number one, most in-demand job on the list is sales associate. It’s the easiest job to get because they don’t pay that much. If you look at this chart there, see that it’s average $42000 per annum per year, which is actually if you look at the chart, most reported bar is corser to $30000. So that’s approximately how much people are making.

So there is a huge turnover because lots of immigrants go for those jobs as soon as they land in Canada as their fur job to get their Canadian work experience to settle down. Well, they’re searching for something better. What’re students graduating from colleges or study where it’s just on their summer breaks. They take that kind of jobs, lots of immigrants take them to. And people, once they search and they find something better, they just move on. So it’s always retail’s furious. The huge services sphere is used to sell to sources, is a really demanding job here. And it’s really easy to get it, but it doesn’t be that much.

02. Administrative Assistant

Second, the most in-demand job in Canada is an administrative assistant. It’s basically the heart of an office, people who do data entry, some basic accounting and lots of data entry, some phone calls, basically missing if a system is pretty good. And to have a job, you can make it calls to $45000 on average working in the office at an administrative assistant, which is pretty decent money, knowing that it’s really doesn’t need his vacation, doesn’t need anything.

It’s one. It is you have a few computer skills and a little bit of windlass. You can do it.

03. Drivers

Third, most in-demand jobs in the least would be drivers. Now, I coarsely workers drivers won’t hold drivers, delivery drivers, because had been an entire career in logistics. So they are making, according to this web, said, make a quarter to $51000 on average. But it’s because they put all kinds of drivers together and they mix everything. They mix the one called drivers, delivery drivers, forklift drivers. They put everything together for cab drivers. I can tell you from experience here in Canada, they make calls are starting from $17 to about $22 per hour depending on the company they are working for. And one call drivers, those guys can make calls her to a hundred thousand dollars per annum, especially truck operators, especially if you go here.

And, you know, in Calgary, we have so many of the people coming here from Punjab in India. And, you know, they have their own companies. Those guys make tons of money. But the really disconnected is the family. It’s a really good job. And there’s a huge variety of things that you can do. For example, I’m driving part-time for Uber. Even now, I used to drive full time before you could make realistically forcer $257 before your expenses per annum driving for Uber itself.

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04. Developers 

So if you’re good with computers and you know some you have some skills like create in applications for the Ford creten Software for the computer program in Vendome. Web developers, if you have those skills and that kind of education that is narrow specialization in something is really high in demand here in Canada and you can make closer thousand $69000 on average doing that. And if you’re really qualified and you’re doing a good job, you can care more than that. Those people, who are developers in  Canada, they are making a lot of money doing that.

05. Receptionist

Number five, the most in-demand job would be a receptionist. Now I know. Would you who would say those receptionist people don’t make much. They make $25,000 to $37,000 an average per annum. You just treat people all over the pool. You keep the customer. You greet the customers who go through the door into your businesses and you are in the warm environments. You’re not outdoor when it’s winter when it’s pretty cold in Canada and you don’t make too much and can be a really good starter job. And it’s fair. Always knew that. They’re always hired. You can actually make pretty good money if you get into a good company.

06. Cashiers

Cashiers make average into $25,000 per annum ahead. They’re always in demand. What’s with companies here are trying to get rid of them? Like McDonald’s, you go to more and more supermarkets are haven- self-checkout.

Wal-mart’s, you know, you go to a co-op. Can’t really go now. They’ve tried to put you know, they’re trying to put those automated services. But it seems that the profession doesn’t really go away just yet. And they’re still hiring because people don’t, Steve, to warn them those kinds of jobs. And again, it’s just a point where people make their final purchase. You just put their produce, Kennedy put the product in the bag. You don’t even handle cash much because most of the transactions here are cashless.

07. General Labor 

If you start now you can earn closer to $17 per hour as a beginner. But the reality, I’ll tell you, you can earn $25 to $22 per hour. So that’s approximately how much you can make the general labor. And it can be anything from the warehouse to moving furniture to construction work. However, construction work if can actually lead you to become the journeyman if you. They may cost $30, sometimes caused by $40 per hour depending on the trade.

08. Project Managers

Ironically, $81,000 per annum. And that’s project managers.

Now, that’s where you need your experience in managing different kinds of projects or engineers. It’s really good to have one of those educations and qualifications. And also, it’s really crucial here in Cannes if you get yourself a PMP certification, why project management institute, for example? I got it myself a few years back and it just reminded me that I have to actually renew it right now because I already got all the p.g used as a PMP. I’m telling you, if you get that certification and you have some engineering background or an IT background and you are good with people, that’s the way to go. It’s good money. And I know people who have been doing it for many years and they were working for some big company, some consulting, and they made it for your $157. So there isn’t room to grow. If you want to.

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Cumbrian height. Account managers, those people made closer to $56,000 per annum, an average. And I don’t think he’s much explanation. Right. It’s basically a business to business dealing with customers. Management counts representing and, you know, dealing with all sorts of issues. So regardless of which company you are working for, you’re probably going to be dealing with his account. Managers need a national account or local account.

10. Welders

You’ll be surprised here on weak enforcement to $6000 to $9000 per annum. And that’s the way that developers, those people who had to go to university, know friends.

Can you imagine that? You have to go to university to become a developer and builders are making that much of money. And that’s all due to a shortage of skills and skilled trades. It’s really difficult to find a corporate journeyman. And that’s why they pay you so much. Of course, you would need some training, course you would need some certification depending on the prawns that you’re from. And there’s a kid screaming from there. Don’t worry about that putt that you’re making tons of money if you’re a construction worker.

And that’s why so many immigrants, so many of us will come here to a new country, sometimes with tons of education. Just keep up on everything and go construction because it’s easy. You always stay employed. You can make your own business.

It’s a good pay. No women and just run out of fingers.

11. Accountants

And that’s where you see that people who are doing it make an average of $53000 per annum. But it’s all it all depends if you’re a CPA. That’s when you start making real money as an accountant. His job very starting from data entry to QuickBooks, data entry for taxation and helping out in tax cleanings, doing some payroll. And it goes up into a huge career. If you’re willing to do some extra education and get yourself a chartered accountant certification. And that’s where you would make pretty good money doing that. And we more than $53,000 per annum.

12. Registered Nurses 

Now, you probably be surprised nurses are making calls at $250,000 per annum, but you actually have to get a special trained special certification in order to be a nurse here in Canada. And there is always a shortage of them. As many years here, I’ve been here. And years before I came to Canada, it’s been like possibly 10 years. They have been surgeons, but more and more nurses. And still, there are not enough of them.

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And it’s really demanded they’re really highly paid jobs seriously. If I was to decide which universe to go, I would totally consider doing to become a registered nurse, because it’s not like you’re spending 10 years to become a doctor and you’re getting really good money for doing that.

13. Electrical Engineers 

I know awards of your friends were asking me on this channel in the comments saying Igor, Homesh, the engineers make. Well, here you are, $179,000 per annum on average years. Me Goodbody Beeks order three to get that kind of profession special analytical skills. You know, Canada is obsessed with creating electronics in any system. The Weiser’s telecommunication, anything that has electronics run, you know, running through. I’m not an engineer, OK? Where I’m saying I tell engineers, don’t criticize me, but you’re making good money for being that smart. That’s why. And that’s it. This job is really in demand. So if you come into the candidate as an electrical engineer, don’t worry. And to solve the 90, there is no problem finding a job for you.

14. H.R. Manager

Every single company needs an H.R. manager of several H.R. people. How much can you make? $25,000 to $84,000 per annum, which is a highly paid job. And it’s because, you know, I don’t know where you come from back home, where I’m coming from.

H.R. is not a big thing as big as it is here. All the policies, company policies, you know, the safety regulations like. Well, for safety regulations, they have safety officers that a different kind of profession. But all I’m saying is there are so many human resource issues here and things that they have to deal with this week.

For example, bullying, harassment or well, for that matter, you’re you know, you’re dealing with hiring new people or mean in company policies, improving company policies, leading the company in the right direction so it can grow and become more successful, more preferred company to work for so that people would enjoy working there. And it’s really high and handjob. So, yeah, they hire a lot of H.R. managers and I hope the H.R. managers would hire more people after reading this article because you know why, right?

15. Merchandiser 

It’s the people who basically sold products in a supermarket. Who put that product on display and array things. Statistics say that they make it closer to $49,000. Even though a little bit. And this increases this number because there is a difference between those merchandisers who are doing, you know, marketing specialists to analyze where the product will sell more and those people who just took up the shelves. So those people who stock up the shelves probably make less than $49,000.

And yeah, other people would make the marketing guys would make closer. And that’s why it’s average in the $25,000 to $49,000. But I personally it’s statistics. I can argue with statistics, but I personally on my personal level from my experience I would see there and make closer probably to $17 to $20 per hour talks.

That’s it guys these are the top 15 highest paying jobs in Canada. And now I’m looking forward to reading your comments to see what you think, what’s your experience. And of course, leave a comment on which we do want to see next.